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Low investment. High return.

With our energy saving traffic infrastructure, cities can reduce their energy consumption by up to 80% saving tons of CO2 and energy costs.

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Your path to becoming an energy hero.

Up to 80% less energy consumption.

With rising energy prices and climate change on the rise, cities and municipalities are looking for ways to save energy and reduce emissions. Our 1-watt and retrofit technology for traffic lights can do both.

1-Watt Technology

With our 1-Watt Technology, we help cities and communities around the globe to reduce the energy consumption of their road infrastructure by up to 80% and thus save tons of CO2.

Retrofit Technology

Our LED retrofit solution provides our customers in the UK an extremely cost-effective way to significantly reduce the ongoing cost of operating traffic signals, reduce energy consumption and future proof traffic signal equipment from future lamp obsolescence issues.

“We’re always striving to improve our network, be more efficient and safer, and replacing the traditional bulbs in signals with LEDs has made a real difference. It’s making our infrastructure greener, more sustainable and cheaper to run and not only that but as LEDs are more visible, it is making our roads safer.”

Glynn Barton, Director of Network Management, Transport for London

Become an energy hero!

Your city can also save with our energy-saving transport technologies! Find out how much with our calculator.


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Join us on the path to a more sustainable future.

Prepare your city for a more sustainable mobility: Our experts are happy to work with you on how to upgrade your traffic lights with our energy-saving LED technology.

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