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Strengthen sustainable modes of transport

Cleaner rides for a cleaner planet.

For the shift toward more sustainable mobility to win, more people need to be motivated to switch from cars to more sustainable modes of transportation. This can be achieved by increasing the comfort of their use so that they are in no way inferior to the car. We make this possible through intelligent technologies that prioritize more sustainable modes of transport, increase their availability, and ensure that they are convenient to use.

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Let the numbers do the talking.

Safer, faster, and greener journeys.

With our intelligent transport solutions, we increase the attractiveness of green transport by improving availability and comfort of use. The results: safer, faster and greener journeys.

delays of public transport thanks to intelligent prioritization technologies.

emissions from public transport thanks to reduced stops by buses at intersection.

stops for cyclists leading to a travel time gain of up to 7%.

YuBike […] is a good tool to make cycling safer, faster and more attractive.”

Christian Ackermann, Deputy Head of the Traffic Department, City of Marburg (Germany)

Intelligent transport technologies pave the way.

Make your sustainable modes of transport number one on the road.

With our smart transport solutions, we increase the attractiveness of environmentally friendly transport by improving the availability and comfort of use. As a result, we encourage even more people to switch from cars to buses, trains or e-vehicles, which leads to less congestion on the roads, fewer traffic-related emissions and better air quality.

A bus on a street that gets a green light at a traffic light intersection.

Public Transport Prioritization

With our V2X technology, we connect public transport with the infrastructure so that they have the right of way in road traffic and get to their destination faster.

Bus Lane Enforcement

Bus lanes ensure that buses reach their destination quickly and safely, regardless of traffic density. With our enforcement solution, we ensure that the lanes are really only used by buses and thus ensure that they get to their next stop on time.

Bicycle Solutions

Riding the green wave through the city? Sounds like a dream for all cyclists – one that can come true with the help of our intelligent cycling solutions. Thanks to smart detection technologies and intelligent infrastructure, they ensure that cyclists can ride through the city quickly, safely and with as few stops as possible.

EV Charging Infrastructure

The e-volution on our roads can only succeed if electric vehicles can be charged reliably and quickly. We ensure this with our broad portfolio of EVCI services. From the maintenance of charging points to the development of charging hubs, our teams have got you covered.

Mobility Monitor

A common reason to avoid using sustainable modes of transport is the lack of reliable information about journey times or the currency of information. The Mobility Monitor from our subsidiary VMZ can change this by providing comprehensive information about transport in one place, facilitating intermodal travel.

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Join us on the path to a more sustainable future.

Prepare your city for a more sustainable mobility: Our experts are happy to work with you on how to strengthen sustainable modes of transport in your city or region.

Learn more from our experts.

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Cities around the globe lead by example.

Success stories from around the world.

Mobile bus lane enforcement solution in New York

Our technology provides a solution to the problem of cars parking in dedicated bus lanes. Using this technology can reduce travel times, help maintain on-time performance, and increase passenger satisfaction.

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Digital Train Control System for Frankfurt’s Subway and Tram Systems

The authority for public transport in the city of Frankfurt will replace its conventional train control system previously used in the subway and tram sector with a new, modern and digital system.

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Priority for buses and trams in Wallonia

We will implement a digital prioritization system for public transport in Wallonia, Belgium to reduce travel times, less delays and emissions.

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