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Making sure everyone arrives safely

Whether we’re behind the wheel, using public transport, cycling or walking, we all share the same roads. What unites us all?

The desire to arrive safely at our destination. In doing so, we depend not only on our own caution, but also on the caution of other road users. Our team at Yunex Traffic works every day to make road traffic safer. With intelligent solutions that help everyone see and be seen. That help you to detect and avoid hazards at an early stage. With one, big goal: A world without traffic accidents.

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The challenges for all of us

The sad language of accident statistics

A shocking number of road accidents still occur worldwide. Young people and vulnerable road users are often particularly affected. Hard numbers show the sad reality:

year olds face road traffic injuries as the leading cause of death.

people die every year as a result of traffic accidents.

of all traffic fatalities are vulnerable road users: Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Urgent need for innovative solutions

Our commitment to protecting
vulnerable road users

To address the high rate of accidents on our streets, we address the urgent need for innovative solutions and emphasize our commitment to protecting vulnerable road users through V2X technology. By empowering cities with road safety solutions, we envision a world free of road fatalities.

The solutions of Yunex Traffic

Small carelessness can lead to big damage

Our roads are getting more crowded and require constant attention every second. From all road users. Even a little carelessness can have catastrophic consequences. But it is not only our own caution that is crucial. The caution and consideration of other road users are also essential for road safety. As in many other areas, mistakes occur when people are not sufficiently informed about current events, not communicating with each other or when situations cannot be grasped at first glance. Yunex Traffic’s intelligent solutions help to detect and react to potentially dangerous situations at an early stage. Whether in cities, on highways, or when it comes to the functional and data security of our solutions, we ensure comprehensive security in all areas.

See and be seen better

More than half of all traffic accidents with fatal consequences involve non-motorized road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians. They are particularly at risk at busy and blind intersections in cities. With our solutions for intelligent recognition of all road users, cars and buses are warned of cyclists and pedestrians when turning, for example. Emergency vehicles safely cross the next intersection and streetcars communicate with their surroundings in a way that avoids collisions. Discover our Connected Mobility Solutions.

Detect hazards at an early stage

On highways with high speeds or in narrow tunnel sections, maximum attention is required. Unfortunately, this is not always the case to a sufficient degree. As a result, dangerous spots, such as road works or traffic jams, are not always detected in time. Thanks to our intelligent solutions for highways and tunnels, potential hazards are automatically detected and reported, and traffic is adjusted accordingly. In addition, onboard units installed directly in vehicles can notify drivers. Intelligent networking of road users and their surroundings enables anticipatory driving. Discover our Tunnel & Freeway Management System.

Stability of safety solutions

When it comes to safety, we make no compromises. So, we make sure that the technology behind our solutions works smoothly and without interruption. To do this, in addition to the finest sensor technology in all our hardware products, we also offer  worldwide Customer Service that prevents potential weak points on site and ensures safety 24 hours a day through a comprehensive field service. From our traffic lights at intersections in cities around the world to tunnel monitoring and control, our team has it all covered. Discover our Customer Service.

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Join us on the path to a safer future.

Prepare your city for safer mobility: Our experts are happy to work with you on how to realize a safer mobility for your city and your region.

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