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The smart intersection

Utilize the potential of digitalization and the IoT for urban mobility

Reducing congestion and increasing safety for all transportation users: with intelligent traffic management, infrastructure in cities and municipalities gets in shape for the mobility of the future.

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Connected mobility challenges

Smart cities need smart intersections

Using innovative concepts, cities soon will be able to actively manage traffic. Intelligent infrastructure systems help make optimal use of the available resources through centralized control and management.

The smart intersection connects information to optimize traffic flow.

Innovative concepts reduce pressure on roads

Intersections are quite complex, even too complex, not just for human drivers but also for autonomous vehicles. So how can cities protect and intelligently guide road users at intersections while at the same time reducing congestion and pollution? One answer is smart intersections. They connect road and infrastructure data acquired by smart systems to enable deriving measures for efficient traffic control, improving traffic flow, increasing safety, and reducing emissions.

Our solutions

Intelligent traffic management for today and tomorrow

Our comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions enables you to manage traffic both efficiently and effectively. The results: measurable improvements in traffic flow, lower emissions from traffic, and higher road safety.

LED signal heads

Set a signal. For safety and environmental protection.

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Traffic Light Controllers

Digital and efficient controllers make intersections intelligent, reduce downtime and increase safety.

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Traffic detectors

Capture road users and traffic situations reliably with intelligent detectors.

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Intelligent Street Lighting

Always ensure optimized light and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting.

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Build your very own smart intersection

Benefit from the expertise of a world leader in transportation systems: we will work with you to prepare your city for the next mobility revolution – with intelligent infrastructure. Talk to us!