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Smart intersection

Utilize digitalization and Internet of Things for urban mobility.

Intersections are critical points in urban transport networks where different modes of transport such as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists converge. Smart intersections help improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of urban transport, leading to a more intelligent and connected urban environment.

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Intelligent solutions for smart cities

Smart cities need smart intersections.

Innovative approaches will enable cities to actively manage traffic. Intelligent infrastructure systems will help make the best use of available resources through centralised control and management.

Innovative concepts reduce pressure on roads

Intersections are complex – too complex – not only for human drivers but also for autonomous vehicles. So how can cities protect and intelligently guide road users at intersections while reducing congestion and pollution? One answer is intelligent intersections. They combine road and infrastructure data collected by intelligent systems to derive measures for efficient traffic control, improving traffic flow, increasing safety and reducing emissions.

Our solutions

Intelligent traffic management for today and tomorrow.

Our solutions include state-of-the-art LED signal heads, advanced signal controllers, precise traffic detectors, adaptive traffic control and efficient, intelligent street lighting. With our wide range of products and services, we help cities and municipalities make traffic smoother, safer and more sustainable.

Signal Heads

Our signal heads are safe, durable and particularly economical. State-of-the-art LED technology combines high visibility with maximum energy efficiency.

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Traffic Light Controllers

Digital and efficient traffic light controllers make intersections intelligent, reduce downtime and increase safety.

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Traffic Detectors

Reliably detect road users and traffic situations with intelligent detectors. Control and optimise traffic in your city and lay the foundations for intelligent intersections.

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Adaptive Traffic Control

Adaptive Traffic Control optimises traffic flow for pedestrians, emergency vehicles and cars, reducing journey times, cutting emissions and improving safety.

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A city with skycrapers and a busy street.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Ensure optimal lighting at all times and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting – reducing emissions and costs while increasing safety.

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Build your very own smart intersection.

Whether it’s optimising traffic light timing, collecting traffic information or improving street lighting, our solutions provide tailored answers to the challenges of modern traffic. Discover how our traffic solutions can revolutionise mobility in your city.

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Our portfolio

Discover further areas of our portfolio.

Discover our efficient solutions for the growing demands of tomorrow’s mobility. We can help you optimise traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve safety and provide a tailor-made service for your transport infrastructure.

Intelligent traffic management

Optimised traffic flow: Master the growing volume of traffic and increasing environmental pollution.

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Simulation, analytics, AI

The power of data: intelligent traffic planning using data- and AI-based applications and services.

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Service for road traffic

Efficient and adaptable services: Guarantee peak performance for your traffic infrastructure.

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