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Intelligent Street Lighting

Now you can set streets, paths and market squares in the right light.

Ensure optimal light at all times and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting – and reduce emissions and costs while increasing safety.

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Light in the city

Light makes cities livable

Light and lighting are an essential part of urban infrastructure. They ensure clarity in road traffic, increase safety in public spaces and make a decisive contribution to the nighttime charm of a city.

The right light sets the scene for buildings and streets.

Intelligent street lighting ensures safety and reduces costs and emissions.

Light is indispensable in our cities: It helps prevent accidents and enables good orientation. The right light also makes buildings and streets an experience for residents and visitors. The downside: lighting streets and structures is a cost factor that should not be underestimated and is often a significant source of emissions and light pollution. European streetlights alone consume about 60 terawatt hours of electricity annually, equivalent to 2.5% of total EU consumption. The good news is that by replacing or upgrading with smart technology, energy demand can be reduced by up to 70% per year. This could reduce Europe’s CO2 emissions by 19 million tons.

Light and lighting solutions

The intelligent answer for street lighting

Intelligent street lighting controls brightness according to demand, saving costs and emissions.

A coordinated and intelligent system makes street lighting efficient and flexible at the same time.

To fully exploit the savings potential in street lighting, cities need more than just energy-efficient lamps. It is also important that the lighting adapts to the conditions on site. That’s why we support traffic planners and operators with a coordinated portfolio of intelligent control cabinets, tools for lighting management and suitable services – including financing options.

More about our solutions for intelligent street lighting.

Intelligent street lighting is as individual as the requirements of your city.

Intelligent and individual: control cabinets for street lighting

  • Individually configurable and flexibly and economically adaptable to actual requirements
  • Robust and future-proof technology with proven Yunex Traffic components
  • SIMATIC control system
  • CE tested and certified

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Tuned and adaptive: intelligent light management

  • Control of street lighting with various light management systems via GSM, radio or powerline
  • Traffic-dependent control
  • Numerous evaluation and analysis functions
  • Suitable for small systems as well as large cities

The intelligent service tool for street lighting: Smart Light Management

  • Complete asset management for street lighting
  • Integration of different manufacturer systems
  • Call center functionality
  • Multilingual web application
  • Service management
  • Fault reporting with QR code

Tailor-made and modular: Services for street lighting

  • Efficient maintenance with high availability and low operating costs
  • From daily maintenance to the purchasing of electricity
  • Experienced service teams
  • Maximum cost transparency and planning reliability


These cities benefit from smart street lighting

More safety, reduced emissions, lower costs – intelligent solutions for street lighting deliver what they promise.

Fairbanks and North Pole | USA

Modern lighting in the far north

  • Modernization of all street lighting in the cities of Fairbanks and North Pole in Alaska
  • Replacement of the lighting of around 1700 street lights with energy-saving LED technology
  • 50% energy savings reduce operating costs and emissions

City administration Bratislava | Slovakia

Modernization, maintenance and spare parts service of 30,000 street lights

  • Reduction of energy consumption by 50.5 %
  • Increase in availability of 35 % (beyond the guaranteed 95 % to 98 % availability)
  • Over 500.000 inhabitants benefit from more and better lighting

City and Province of Sliven | Bulgaria

Comprehensive services for control and maintenance

  • With a population of more than 90.000, Sliven is the cultural center of the province with the same name in Bulgaria.
  • Redesign, modernization and maintenance of urban street lighting for the city and 44 municipalities in the surrounding area.
  • The result: 68 percent energy savings with 98 percent guaranteed availability.

City of Düsseldorf | Germany

Traffic-dependent street lighting between city and airport

  • Danziger street connects the airport and the city center. Traffic volumes fluctuate greatly on the four-lane main road.
  • The lighting is dimmed with Yutraffic Scala and VIA LUMEN according to demand.
  • Depending on the scenario, this can reduce power consumption by 30%. In 95% of the operating time, the lamps can be dimmed.

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Make your city a lighthouse project

Together with you, we will develop a customized solution for intelligent street lighting that not only ensures safety, but also sets the tone: through significantly lower energy costs and fewer emissions.

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Intelligent traffic management

Safeguarding mobility both now and in the future: our solutions for connected data and systems.

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