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Mobility Apps & Bike Solutions

Intelligent traffic technology makes cycling in the city more attractive, more comfortable and safer.

Bicycles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities. And that’s a good thing: After all, the bicycle is not only a fast means of transportation, but also a climate-friendly one. Promote the trend towards cycling with the right infrastructure in your city too.

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Mobility Trends

All advantages of our bike
solutions at a glance

Our smart bike solutions are revolutionizing cycling in the city. They offer more riding comfort, ensure fewer conflicts at junctions thanks to optimized control, improve the cycling infrastructure, expand the range of information available and also drive innovation and digitalization.

More attracitve

Our solutions speed up cycle traffic and reduce waiting times, e.g. at traffic lights.


Our solutions help cyclists to see and be seen better in traffic.

More sustainable

Our technologies promote the modal shift and thus environmentally friendly mobility.

Take the cycling experience in your city to a new level

Our solutions at a glance

Turn assistant

AI-based camera systems reliably detect cyclists and warn other road users, for example, with underfloor lighting, flashing lights, or in-car V2X technology.

Bicycle Detection

Cyclists and other vulnerable road users can be identified using detectors. This means that these road users can be taken into account in traffic light control and the counts can be provided for traffic planning and traffic statistics.

Signal2X – The traffic light phase assistant

The Signal2X traffic light assistant rethinks traffic management – the app helps drivers adjust their speed in advance so they can get through the next traffic light without stopping.

Bicycle Totem

The Bicycle Totem is an indicator totem with an integrated LED display that gives cyclists a speed recommendation so they can cross the next intersection without stopping when the light turns green.


The YuBike app gives cyclists priority at intersections on designated routes. This allows you to ride through the city safely, quickly and comfortably on a green wave.

Traffic Simulation

Creating a digital image of a city in a traffic model provides the basis for what-if analysis to evaluate bicycle policies.

Yutraffic FUSION

Yutraffic FUSION is a state-of-the-art adaptive traffic control solution that models all road users (cyclists, motorists, public transport, pedestrians) on a multimodal basis to determine the optimal signal plan.

Data-Driven Analysis

Data-driven analyses use AI to transform large amounts of data into valuable insights about (bicycle) mobility, analyze the development of bicycle traffic and monitor the modal split for bicycles.

Bike Routing

If you want to make good progress, you need to know all the options. Bike Routing describes the possible routes, including elevation profiles and maximum gradients.


Get started with intelligent bike
solutions for your city.

Prepare your city for the cycling revolution: Our experts are ready to work with you to increase the attractiveness, convenience and safety of cycling in your city or region.

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