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Our portfolio offers a wide range of signal heads.

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Signal Heads

Our Alulight – Designed to impress.

Our new Alulight combines modern technology with design, high safety standards and durability.

  • Flat aluminum housing design.
  • Proven LED technology – for highest energy efficiency.
  • Light field diameter 200 or 300 mm.
  • Different Mounting Variants.
  • Optimized strength and stability.
  • Housing made of high quality aluminum, fronts made of polycarbonate.
  • High stability against vandalism.
  • Stylish and modern design.

LED signal heads for

energy-efficient and green cities.

Combine low power consumption with high availability, easy handling and efficient maintenance. Thanks to the latest LED technology, our Yulux2 signal heads set sustainable standards worldwide.

Safety, visibility, efficiency.

Our signal heads combine proven technology with the latest LED technology. This makes them safer, more reliable and more efficient. Customers benefit from minimal power consumption, brilliant optics and maximum reliability. Durable and robust components, together with highly stable and reliable LED technology, ensure a long service life and low maintenance costs.

Highest road safety standard.

Our Yulux2 Very Low Power (VLP) achieves the highest road safety standard (SIL3) thanks to its multi-level monitoring concept. Yulux2 VLPs are very economical: thanks to the Very Low Power version, they consume only 1 to 2 watts of energy, up to 80% less than previous 230V LED signal heads.


  • Safe and reliable signal monitoring.
  • Preventive LED maintenance.
  • Integrated microprocessors for collecting and analysing large amounts of data.

Increased safety for cyclists.

Our small signal heads make it possible to switch separate red and green phases for cyclists at junctions, and can also be used as an auxiliary or additional signal for signalling in special situations. For more safety.

Low energy consumption.

Yulux2 is the world’s first solution for the complete “1-Watt intersection” with SIL3 safety standard – because it works with the innovative Yulux2 VLP monitoring technology.

This is how the world’s most economical traffic light works:

  • No analogue load resistors and switching elements in the signal heads.
  • Uses digital LED driver modules and the latest low power consumption LEDs.


Save energy with traffic lights.

With our 1-Watt-Technology cities can reduce their energy consumption and save tons of CO2.


How much energy, CO2 and costs can your city save?

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The advantages

Benefit from choosing our signal heads.

Our signal heads are packed with features that deliver exceptional performance, making them the preferred choice of traffic engineers and transport authorities worldwide.

Brilliant optics

Our Yulux2 signal heads boast brilliant optical properties and even better light distribution – even with high ambient brightness. As a result, almost all versions of the Yulux2 signal heads achieve the highest phantom class 5 and are clearly visible even when the sun is low – a real contribution to even greater road safety.

Reliable and long-lasting

Our Yulux2 signal heads are based on all-round quality. Durable and robust components, highly reliable and efficient control modules (drivers), very stable and reliable LED technology and improved thermal management ensure particularly long life and high availability.

Easy change of symbol masks

All Yulux2 LED signal heads have interchangeable inserts for different symbols. The symbol masks are inserted into the removable front lens and can be easily rotated and changed on site thanks to the integrated door with bayonet lock.

High security

Every Yulux2 LED light source has an electronic monitoring function to ensure a high level of safety. The current and voltage values of the LEDs are constantly monitored and controlled. If the values exceed or fall below the limit values, the input power is immediately cut off so that the signal is safely switched off.

Dimmable versions

With Yulux2.230LPD and Yulux2.230D signal head models, it is possible to activate a night-time reduction of the light intensity. This prevents the symbols from being overshadowed by the lower light intensity and potentially dazzling the driver in the dark. Another advantage: The lower light intensity also saves electricity.

Easy to upgrade

Our Yulux2 signal heads are available not only as complete signal heads in Ecolight or Classic housings, but also as an upgrade kit, allowing existing systems to benefit from the latest generation of LED signal heads with little effort.


Our Yulux2 LED signal heads work perfectly with the Yutraffic controller family. This means that even small towns and municipalities can implement efficient and environmentally friendly traffic management.

Solutions for smart intersections

Smart cities need smart intersections.

Intersections are critical points in urban transport networks where different modes of transport such as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists converge. Smart intersections can help improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of urban transport, leading to a more intelligent and connected urban environment.

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Digital and efficient traffic light controllers make intersections intelligent, reduce downtime and increase safety.

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Adaptive Traffic Control

Adaptive Traffic Control optimises traffic flow for pedestrians, emergency vehicles and cars, reducing journey times, cutting emissions and improving safety.

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Intelligent Street Lighting

Ensure optimal lighting at all times and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting – reducing emissions and costs while increasing safety.

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Benefit from the advantages of our LED signal heads.

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