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Traffic Detectors

Reliably detect road users and traffic situations with intelligent detectors.

Reliable and versatile traffic detectors allow you to keep track of even the heaviest traffic – tailored to the needs of your traffic network.

Intelligent traffic detectors

Smart detectors for effective traffic management.

Intersection traffic light controllers traffic management systems need precise information about traffic at location X at second Y. Intelligent traffic detectors not only detect the presence of a vehicle or other road user, but also provide additional information, such as speed.

Depending on the requirements, different technologies are used for traffic and vehicle detection.

Intelligent traffic detectors record and monitor all traffic activity.

Intelligent traffic detectors are essential for reliably detecting vehicles in difficult situations and providing traffic management with reliable information on traffic density and flow. The devices and systems use a variety of technologies that can not only control traffic signals locally, but also automatically detect the traffic situation or measure travel times directly and with high accuracy.

Special technologies also detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Many cities are focusing on green mobility and want to provide short and safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. This includes ensuring that traffic signal control can give priority to pedestrians and cyclists. This is no problem with special traffic detectors: radar systems, thermal imaging cameras, or new AI-based detectors.

Traffic detectors can also be used to integrate pedestrians and cyclists into local traffic control.
Each intersection has its specific characteristics, which is why detectors must be installed in different situations.

Choose the option that best fits your use case.

Whether for strategic detection or detection at intersections, whether for cars, bicycles or pedestrians, whether for moving or stationary traffic: With our intelligent traffic detectors, you will find the best solution for every application. Special interface boards allow video and radar detectors to be integrated directly into the intersection controller, saving hardware and cabling costs and simplifying configuration.

Devices and systems

Optimal data for traffic control.

Whether it’s a ground sensor or an overhead sensor, the right traffic detector can solve any detection problem in a way that is both technically and economically appropriate for the application.

Overhead Detectors.

Highly accurate detection with modern radar technology for intersection control: With Heimdall, the multi-lane radar detector smartmicro MLR or Yutraffic awareAI, we offer a wide range of products for local traffic detection. In addition, our video detectors offer ideal solutions for cost-effective presence detection at intersections, thermal image detection, and AI-based optical detection and classification of road users.

For travel time measurement as part of strategic detection, we also support your traffic management with Bluetooth/Wifi scanners.

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Stand-alone Overhead Detector System.

Traffic Eye Universal 5 (TEU 5) with Passive Infrared (PIR) technology is the stand-alone detection system with an accurate view of the traffic situation.

Ground Detectors.

Our ground sensors provide you with highly accurate information about the traffic in your city or town. With this information, you can better plan your infrastructure, reduce congestion, and significantly improve traffic flow.


Intelligent traffic detectors on the road.

Our portfolio offers a broad range of proven traffic detection solutions. With an installed base of 3,500 systems, Traffic Eye Universal (TEU) is an excellent example of our widely used technologies.

Traffic Management Centre | Berlin, Germany

TEU 5 provides data on metropolitan traffic.

  • More than 300 TEU are installed in Berlin.
  • They provide up-to-the-minute traffic data to the Yutraffic Concert traffic management system.
  • The data forms the basis for a traffic situation report, including forecasts for the entire metropolitan network.

Solutions for smart intersections

Smart cities need smart intersections.

Intersections are critical points in urban transport networks where different modes of transport such as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists converge. Smart intersections can help improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of urban transport, leading to a more intelligent and connected urban environment.

Signal Heads

Our signal heads are safe, durable and particularly economical. State-of-the-art LED technology combines high visibility with maximum energy efficiency.

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Traffic Light Controllers

Digital and efficient traffic light controllers make intersections intelligent, reduce downtime and increase safety.

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Adaptive Traffic Control

Adaptive Traffic Control optimises traffic flow for pedestrians, emergency vehicles and cars, reducing journey times, cutting emissions and improving safety.

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Intelligent Street Lighting

Ensure optimal lighting at all times and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting – reducing emissions and costs while increasing safety.

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Tailor-made traffic detectors for your traffic management needs.

The availability of high-accuracy data is essential for effective and safe traffic management. We offer a whole range of traffic detection devices – customized to suit the requirements of your traffic network.

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