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Traffic Light Controller

Digital and efficient controllers create intelligent intersections

This allows you to keep everything under control even in the most complex traffic situations: intelligent traffic lights controllers reduce downtimes and thus increase safety at intersections.

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Intelligent and sustainable solutions for your intersections

Benefit from a powerful and innovative solution that grows with your city’s traffic infrastructure: The Yutraffic sX traffic controller is an investment for a sustainable future.

Yutraffic sX

Our innovative Yutraffic sX grows with your needs.

Operating and configurating traffic parameters quickly and flexibly? Why not: Yutraffic sX traffic control units which can be easily operated via web access over a fast and secure connection meeting the the highest safety standards to achieve maximum availability and seamless integration into comprehensive traffic management systems.

Easy and secure control via remote access

Yutraffic sX can be operated without additional tools and software via a secure web interface using a browser.

Hot-Standby and Updates “Over the Air”

Yutraffic sX is the first traffic controller worldwide to have an emergency processor that can take over control of the signals from the main processor as a hot standby – this ensures maximum availability and enables “over the air” (OTA) updates during operation.

Easy installation thanks to modular design

Connect more than 64 traffic signal groups and up to 256 detectors to your Yutraffic sX easily and with little cabling effort – the modular design with serial device communication and SIL3 certification makes it possible.

Yutraffic Office – The Digital Traffic Engineer

Efficiently planned  intersections and easily configured controllers

The latest technologies and smart concepts – based on our extensive expertise and designed for user-friendly operation.         

Simple project planning without programming knowledge

The Yutraffic Office VA Logic Editor supports the user during project planning with an intuitively understandable flow chart or optionally a structure diagram. This allows traffic engineering tasks to be converted into program code without traffic programming knowledge.

Block library saves time

In the user library, personally defined blocks of the respective user can be stored, individually named and combined with the PDM functions at any time. Thus, the block library grows with every completed project.

Parameterize control logic instead of programming

Thanks to the S-L function in the Yutraffic Traffic-Language, the individual blocks are already put together. The user only has to make the adjustment to the specific requirements of the specific intersection – simply by parameterization.

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Make your intersections intelligent and future-proof: Yutraffic traffic light controllers

Benefit from a made-to-measure system solution based on the modular traffic center platform from Yunex Traffic – for extra flexibility and easy adaptation to the most diverse urban traffic scenarios.

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