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Traffic Light Controllers

Smart intersections through digital and efficient traffic control.

Intelligent traffic light controllers reduce congestion and increase safety at intersections. This means you can stay on top of even the most complex of traffic situations.

Traffic Light Controller Yutraffic sX

Our innovative Yutraffic sX grows with your needs.

Control and parameterise traffic signal systems quickly and flexibly: Our Yutraffic sX traffic light controllers are easy to operate via web access, while offering the highest safety standards and maximum availability for seamless integration into comprehensive traffic management systems.

Easy and secure remote control

Our Yutraffic sX can be operated via a secure web interface using a browser without any additional tools or software.

Hot standby and over-the-air updates

As the world’s first traffic light controller, the Yutraffic sX has an emergency processor that can take over control of the signals from the main processor as a hot standby, ensuring maximum availability and allowing updates over the air (OTA) during operation.

Modular design for easy installation

Connect more than 64 signal groups and up to 256 detectors to your Yutraffic sX easily and with minimal wiring – the modular design with serial module communication and SIL3 certification makes it possible.

The Digital Traffic Engineer Yutraffic Office

Efficiently planned intersections and easily configured controllers.

The latest technologies and smart concepts – based on our extensive expertise and designed for ease of use.

Easy configuration without programming knowledge

The Yutraffic Office VA Logic Editor supports the user during project planning with an intuitively understandable flow chart or optionally a structure diagram. This allows traffic engineering tasks to be converted into program code without any knowledge of traffic programming.

Block library saves time

In the user library, each user’s personal blocks can be stored, individually named and combined with the PDM functions at any time. The block library grows with each completed project.

Parameterise control logic instead of programming

Thanks to the S-L function in the Yutraffic Traffic Language, the individual blocks are already assembled. The user only has to adapt them to the specific requirements of the intersection – simply by parameterisation.

Install our latest Yunex Traffic tools and tool updates.

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Solutions for smart intersections

Smart cities need smart intersections.

Intersections are critical points in urban transport networks where different modes of transport such as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists converge. Smart intersections can help improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of urban transport, leading to a more intelligent and connected urban environment.

Signal Heads

Our signal heads are safe, durable and particularly economical. State-of-the-art LED technology combines high visibility with maximum energy efficiency.

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Traffic Detectors

Reliably detect road users and traffic situations with intelligent detectors. Control and optimise traffic in your city and lay the foundations for intelligent intersections.

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Adaptive Traffic Control

Adaptive Traffic Control optimises traffic flow for pedestrians, emergency vehicles and cars, reducing journey times, cutting emissions and improving safety.

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Intelligent Street Lighting

Ensure optimal lighting at all times and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting – reducing emissions and costs while increasing safety.

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Make your intersections intelligent and future-proof.

Our Yutraffic sX traffic controller is a sustainable investment in the future that grows with your city’s traffic infrastructure.

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