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Traffic Management

Connect systems and data to optimize traffic flow.

Intelligent traffic management allows you to ensure mobility both for today and for tomorrow, and it will enable you to efficiently manage growing traffic volumes and environmental impact.


Intelligent traffic management

For liveable cities and optimal mobility.

Intelligent traffic management not only improves the traffic flow in cities and between cities and their surroundings, it also helps you tackle the next mobility revolution.

A city with skycrapers and a busy street.

Plan and act proactively

To maintain or gain their attractiveness in a sustainable way, cities and regions need to address transport and its impact on people and the environment. Strategies must include not only a shift to other modes of transport, but also the intelligent management of road traffic. Experience has shown that it is not enough to simply react to traffic congestion after damage has occurred. Predictive planning is essential to make the best use of the capacity of the transport network and should include situations such as a planned event or traffic restrictions due to pollution thresholds.

We help cities and municipalities integrate and evolve intelligent strategies into their transport systems, enabling traffic managers to proactively manage traffic with virtual signage, connected infrastructure and vehicles, and other innovative solutions.

Redesign mobility

For sustainable mobility, the management of road and transport infrastructure capacity needs to be holistic, predictive and focused on actual demand. Traffic managers need to balance multiple aspects such as cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety and environmental protection. This is made possible by data from intelligent infrastructure systems, such as autonomous and connected vehicles. This information can be used to optimise the use of roads and transport routes, and to create incentives for commuters that help improve traffic flows and mobility behaviour – including solutions for safer and more comfortable urban cycling. The result is an attractive city with excellent mobility options that is both green and liveable.

For future-proof mobility

Connecting information from infrastructure, vehicles and road users is essential for future-proof mobility. Our systems provide the ideal platform. Connect and control all parts of the mobility network and make your city a safe terrain for all road users – including autonomous vehicles.

Our solutions

Connect and optimise your infrastructure.

Optimise traffic and traffic flows – using existing infrastructure: With our intelligent traffic management solutions, you can make your city fit for tomorrow today.

Traffic Management Centres

Customised modular system solutions: We combine traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance.

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Tunnel and Freeway Management

Increase capacity and safety with our flexible traffic management system!

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Tolling Solutions

Advanced tolling technology for intelligent demand management: the basis for the mobility of the future.

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Connected Mobility

The intelligent connection of road users and infrastructure is revolutionising mobility.

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Discover our efficient solutions for the growing demands of tomorrow’s mobility. We can help you optimise traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve safety and provide a tailor-made service for your transport infrastructure.

Smart intersections

Less congestion, more safety: Leveraging digitalization and the Internet of Things in urban mobility.

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Service for road traffic

Efficient and adaptable services: Guarantee peak performance for your traffic infrastructure.

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