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Intelligent traffic management

Connect systems and data to optimize traffic flow

Intelligent traffic management allows you to ensure mobility both for today and for tomorrow, and it will enable you to efficiently manage growing traffic volumes and environmental impact.

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Traffic management

Utilize intelligent traffic management for livable cities and optimal mobility solutions

Intelligent traffic management not only improves the traffic flow in cities and between cities and their surroundings, it also helps you tackle the next mobility revolution.

With traffic management, cities can plan and act proactively

To keep or regain their appeal in a sustainable way, cities and regions have to address traffic and its impact on people and the environment. Strategies need to include not only switching to other modes of transportation, but also to intelligently manage road traffic. Experience has shown that simply reacting to impaired traffic routes after damage has occurred is not enough. Predictive planning is essential for optimally utilizing the capacity of the traffic network, and it should include situations such as a scheduled event that is associated or traffic limits due to pollution thresholds

We support cities and municipalities in integrating and evolving intelligent strategies into their traffic systems so that traffic managers can proactively direct traffic with virtual signage, connecting infrastructure and vehicles, and other innovative solutions.

Redesign mobility

For a sustainable mobility, managing the capacities of roads and traffic routes has to be holistic, predictive and focused on actual demand. Traffic managers need to reconcile multiple aspects such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, safety, and environmental protection. The prerequisite for this are data acquired from intelligent infrastructure systems, for example, from autonomous and connected vehicles. The information gained from these data helps use roads and transportation routes to their optimum capacity and to create incentives for commuters that help improve traffic flows and mobility behavior – including solutions for safer and more convenient urban bicycle traffic. The result is an attractive city with excellent mobility options that is both green and livable.

On your path to autonomous driving

A sustainable mobility requires connected information from infrastructure, vehicles, and commuters. This is what our Mobility Operating System was built for: combine and control all parts of the mobility network to make your city’s traffic safe for all stakeholders, including autonomous vehicles.

Our solutions

Connect and optimize your infrastructure

You can do both: optimize traffic and traffic flows and utilizing your existing traffic infrastructure and systems. Use our solutions for intelligent traffic management to get your city ready for tomorrow’s traffic today.

Traffic Management Systems

All over the world, Yunex Traffic has implemented more than 1,000 traffic management systems that excel in terms of flexibility, modularity and scalability

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Tunnel and Freeway Management

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Tolling Solutions

An efficient demand management is an important building block of future mobility management. Both, operators and road users, benefit from reduced congestion, improved air quality, and a new quality of urban life.

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Connected Mobility Solutions

Connected Mobility Solutions from Yunex Traffic make traffic management efficient, sustainable, safe and cost-efficient.

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Benefit from the capabilities of intelligent traffic management

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Simulation, data analysis, and AI

The power of data: intelligent traffic planning using data- and AI-based applications and services.

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Make intersections smart

Digitalization and the Internet of Things reduce congestion and enhance safety in urban mobility.

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Road services

Our comprehensive and modular services ensure that your traffic infrastructure always operates at peak performance.

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Traffic, mobility, and the future at VMZ Berlin

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