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Intelligent Bike Solutions

Intelligent traffic technology makes cycling in cities even more attractive and comfortable.

Especially in cities, cycling is becoming more and more popular – and that’s good: cycling is not only a fast, but also a climate-friendly mode of transport. Drive the trend towards cycling with the right infrastructure.

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Solutions for a bike-friendly city

As a cyclist, you can move more freely within the city

With bike solutions from Yunex Traffic, traffic planners can ensure greater safety and comfort for cyclists and motivate even more people to switch to riding a bike.

The green wave for cyclists: YuBike

With YuBike you give a green light to a modern and clean city: Via a smartphone app cyclists are prioritized at traffic lights. The app shows users where they will be given green lights on their planned route. They also receive information on bike-sharing and bike parking options. YuBike can be installed on all smartphone operating systems. This is what the solution is all about:

  • A cyclist approaches an intersection. There he passes the trigger line.
  • The app on his smartphone automatically sends the cyclist’s location and direction via GPS to the traffic management center.
  • The traffic management center evaluates the data and activates the traffic light control to switch to green.
  • The cyclist can pass the intersection safely without having to stop.

This is how you reliably detect cyclists and other road users

Solutions from Yunex Traffic reliably detect cyclists. As a result, traffic planners can improve the flow of traffic for cyclists as well.

  • Prioritization of cyclists via Heimdall via plug and play installation on bike lanes
  • TrafiOne creates a virtual recognition zone for cyclists and monitors traffic via video streaming
  • ThermiCam sensors recognize cyclists by body heat – for example to distinguish between cars and bikes
  • The MLR radar measures the exact speed of cyclists
  • The inductive-loop sensor SLD4 Yunex Traffic Bike counter  determines the number, speed and direction of cyclists

Operide: Bike Sharing System

Bike sharing is the trend – but how can demand and supply be matched better and how can the bikes be protected from damage and loss? Traffic planners can now use our fleet management software Operide for this purpose. Operide’s AI algorithm uses historical trip and weather data to predict the demand for e-bikes or e-scooters at each station. The predictions then feed into a recommendations algorithm which looks at the current traffic situation to allow service providers to distribute bikes and scooters according to demand and improve maintenance efficiency.

City of Reutlingen | Germany

Green wave for cyclists in Reutlingen

  • With Reutlingen, another city in Germany has been successfully connected to YuBike. The city is initially testing the green wave for cyclists in Alteburgstraße with a total of 8 intersections, so it can be expanded to include other routes in the future.
  • Thanks to YuBike, cyclists can now travel through the test area faster and with fewer stops, giving them the pleasure of no longer having to stop at every traffic light.
  • The YuBike app has been extended to include the additional traffic lights in Reutlingen, so that it can now be used there as well, in addition to Marburg. 


Start now with intelligent Bike solutions for your city

This is how you take advantage of the trend towards cycling: Intelligent cycling solutions help you make cycling in your city even more attractive, comfortable and safe. Our experts are happy to support you.

Let’s discuss your individual solution now.

Traffic Prioritization

Prioritization of specific road users such as emergency vehicles and sustainable modes of transport

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