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Connected Mobility

Shape future mobility with the Internet of Things.

Prioritization for public transport and emergency vehicles, green wave for cyclists, autonomous driving: The intelligent connection of road users and infrastructure is changing mobility.

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Mobility trends

The future of mobility is connected, shared, electric and autonomous.

The mobility trends on our roads will boost the next mobility revolution in and between cities. It will permanently change our mobility behavior: shared mobility, connected vehicles, electromobility and autonomous vehicles. Is your city ready?

The next mobility revolution will change transport in and between cities.

Shared concepts, where users share vehicles instead of owning them, will continue to grow in importance. In addition, vehicles connected to each other and to the infrastructure, electric and autonomous vehicles will become an integral part of the mobility ecosystem. Transport planners can prepare for these trends today.

Increased safety by connecting intelligent infrastructure and vehicles

The exchange of information with the infrastructure makes mobility in public spaces safer, faster and more comfortable – for everyone: cars, buses, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. For example, a traffic camera detects that a child is running across the road – and warns other road users nearby. But our systems for connecting vehicles to the road infrastructure can also be used to develop solutions that integrate autonomous vehicles into your mobility ecosystem. And powerful simulation and planning tools help you tailor intelligent systems to the needs of your city or region.

Our solutions

Get your city ready.

Our connected mobility technologies improve safety, efficiency and traffic flow for cyclists and vehicles, enhancing the overall urban mobility experience.

Intelligent Bike Solutions

Enhance safety and comfort for cyclists in road traffic to a whole new level.

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Vehicle2X communication

Connect vehicles to the infrastructure and manage traffic more precisely and efficiently than ever before.

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Traffic Prioritization

Give priority to emergency vehicles and sustainable modes of transport by implementing targeted prioritization measures.

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Intelligent traffic management

Discover further areas of our portfolio.

Discover our efficient solutions for the growing demands of tomorrow’s mobility. We can help you optimise traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve safety and provide a tailor-made service for your transport infrastructure.

Traffic Centres

Customised modular system solutions: We combine traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance.

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Tunnel and Freeway Management

Increase capacity and safety with our flexible traffic management system!

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Tolling Solutions

Advanced tolling technology for intelligent demand management: the basis for the mobility of the future.

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