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Traffic Prioritization

Priority when it counts: prioritization of specific road users such as emergency vehicles and sustainable modes of transport

Imagine that local public transport is on time in addition to fire brigade and ambulance services arriving safely and quickly to the location of the emergency – with intelligent prioritization, this is possible in your city.

A bus on a street that gets a green light at a traffic light intersection.

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Our solution

Prioritization of public transport and emergency vehicles

Either for ambulances, busses, police or the fire brigade, our satellite-based, intelligent systems automatically trigger a “green wave” for public transport, emergency vehicles and bikes.

This is how the Green Wave for specific road users works

With our solutions you can reliably detect and prioritize traffic participants at intersections – it’s easy: Yutraffic Stream can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively in almost any city or municipality without any changes to technical equipment or infrastructure. Yutraffic Stream intervenes in traffic for only a few seconds, so the impact on other road users is minimal. This is how traffic prioritization works:

  • Two log-in points and one log-out point are defined by the software before the intersections
  • The Yunex Traffic On- Board Unit (OBU) detects the passing of the first login point and sends the signal to the traffic management center.
  • The traffic management center gives the command to switch the signal to green.
  • Before the vehicle passes the second registration point, the traffic light is switched to green
  • The vehicle passes the logoff point and the OBU logs off at the traffic management center.
  • The system returns to normal operation
With YuBike, traffic lights switch to green for cyclists

Prioritization for cyclists

Would you like to make cycling in your city more attractive? Then why not use our traffic prioritization solutions to create a “green wave” for cyclists.


Traffic prioritization in practice

One of our solutions for traffic prioritization is already successfully in use in Böblingen in the south of Stuttgart: Yutraffic Stream ensures that emergency vehicles are prioritized and public transport is accelerated.

Town of Böblingen | Germany

Smoother flow of traffic, lower environmental impact

  • Keeps urban traffic flowing more smoothly
  • Helps reduce CO2 emissions
  • Rescue squads arrive quicker and more safely at their destination
A bus on a street that gets a green light at a traffic light intersection.
Intelligent technologies that prioritize sustainable modes of transport, increase their availability and ensure that they are convenient to use.


Your way to intelligent traffic prioritization

Pave the way for emergency vehicles and sustainable modes of transport – with an intelligent solution for vehicle prioritization. We support you in integrating the “green wave” for specific road users into your infrastructure.

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