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Tolling Solutions

Our advanced road pricing technology for intelligent demand management: the basis for future mobility

With intelligent demand management on interurban roads as well as in urban areas, both operators and road users benefit from less congestion and improved air quality.

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Highway with trucks and cars and a gantry bridge.

Sensus Onboard Units

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Dynamic road pricing

The solution for the intelligent guidance of traffic flow

Dynamic tolling schemes are increasingly established as an important tool for city and traffic managers to sustainably influence traffic flow in and outside cities and reduce emissions.

Dynamic approaches complement classic tolling solutions

In addition to the classic systems for static truck and car tolling, flexible approaches in terms of tariff schemes and end-user devices are gaining popularity. Charging different amounts depending on time of day, air quality or traffic situations can set incentives for more environmentally friendly and capacity-oriented traffic behavior. Utilization of smartphones, video and Onboard Units (OBUs) offer convenient charging procedures for the end user.

Our tolling solutions

Tailored solutions for efficient demand management

Tolling solutions from Yunex Traffic are customized to meet your needs. In doing so, we take special care to comply with the data protection and security requirements of the respective local legislation.

Satellite-based (GNSS) solutions

Our GNSS-based Tolling solutions reliably identify chargeable trips, accurately calculate the toll charges based on the actual distance travelled and provide this information to back office systems for further processing.

  • Support of a wide range of charging technologies paired with light and efficient in-car installation
  • Cost-efficient distance-based charging without any road-side infrastructure, highly efficient in particular for complex or changing toll able road network
  • Accurate and reliable charging even in challenging surrounding conditions, such as cities

Video-based (ANPR) charging and enforcement

Our video-based tolling systems recognize and process number plates world-wide, fully automated and even in difficult environmental conditions, enabling a reliable toll charging as well as enforcement.

  • High recognition rate allows not only enforcement, but also automated charging, eliminating the need for lengthy activation processes for the drivers – the ideal solution for congestion charging
  • Spatial matching and video tracking for a reliable fusion of data from multiple sensors or sensor technologies

Smartphone-based toll charging

Utilize road users’ smartphones for flexible tolling schemes: For entering of toll zones, for trips within the zones, distance-based or using particular parts of infrastructure like bridges.

  • Enables a flexible city tolling / congestion charging to dynamically manage traffic demand
  • Flexible price schemes to support green mobility (e.g. electric vehicles)
  • Dynamically controlled toll tariffs allow flexible management of peak times or critical air quality situations
  • Comfortable and easy handling by the driver; no roadside infrastructure or in-car installation required

Onboard Units (OBUs) for flexible operation with the European Electronic Toll Service

Onboard Units (OBUs) are an integral component of satellite-based tolling systems. The EETS certificate enables international usage within the European Electronic Tolling Service. Additionally, the OBU supports Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

  • Easy installation (plug and play) and handling by the users
  • Notification of service vehicles in dangerous situations
  • Powerful GNSS receiver with optional dead reckoning
  • Robust and durable case

Traffic reduction and control in cities: Congestion charging

A city tolling system charges motorized vehicles for entering the city area or distance-based for traveling within the city area. This creates incentives to relieve the road network of individual traffic and shift mobility to more sustainable modes of transport.

  • Individual tariffs depending on vehicle class, size and emissions
  • Toll collection with intelligent app- and video-based technologies in full compliance with data protection requirements
  • Dynamic charges for effective traffic management in critical situations (e.g. expected exceedance of pollution limits) or demand peaks

National tolling schemes: Open Road Tolling

Intelligent tolling allows efficient control of road usage according to travel demands. Tolling solutions for national road networks are typically based on a GNSS system, which enables precise recording of the actual distance travelled.

  • Flexible Onboard Units (OBUs) use several satellite positioning systems (Galileo, GPS, Glonass, Baidu) for precise charging
  • The tolling area can be easily expanded
  • Intelligent device management system including “Over the Air” device updates
  • Alternatively or additionally, smartphone apps can also be used for toll collection

Tolling according to vehicle occupancy: Fast-Lane

Carpooling can relieve road traffic enormously by combining the journeys of two or more persons. In reality, however, vehicles are mostly occupied by one person, only. A charging scheme that considers vehicle occupancy creates incentives for the joint use of vehicles: the higher the vehicle occupancy, the lower the charge. With high-occupancy tolling (HOT), drivers can use a preferred lane (“fast lane”), for which a usage fee is calculated based on vehicle occupancy, or stay in the lane with higher traffic volume at no additional cost. This concept is well received by road users.

  • An ANPR camera detects the vehicle number plate and assigns it to the respective occupation level
  • An intelligent algorithm dynamically calculates the toll for the HOT lane taking into account vehicle occupancy, traffic density and minimum speed

Enforcement solutions

With our enforcement solutions, cities and transport operators can increase traffic safety and enforce tolling regulations. At the same time, traffic jams and emissions are reduced – for a more livable city.

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Tolling Solutions

Yunex Traffic is the ideal partner to ensure that the most economical and effective Demand Management solutions are deployed and operated to manage continued traffic growth.

Transport for London | London, UK

Yunex Traffic Tolling Solutions in London

  • Yunex Traffic components help the Detection and Enforcement Infrastructure (D&EI) of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and congestion charging scheme for London
  • Yunex Traffic operates the whole infrastructure including maintenance and service
  • 2020 the system was extended by another 1250 cameras through the London Safety Camera Road Partnership (LSCRP)

High-Occupancy-Tolling | Israel

Optimizing Traffic Flow on Highway 1

  • 13 km long fast lane on highway 1 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is operational since 2011 to ensure the lowest possible travel time for high occupied vehicles depending on the traffic density
  • An intelligent algorithm calculates the toll charge dynamically according to a minimum driving speed
  • The revenue from the dynamic toll fee is reinvested in the transportation infrastructure

Government | Slovakia

Satellite-based tolling system in Slovakia

  • Yunex Traffic delivered Onboard Units and the Application Management for the satellite-based truck tolling on open roads in Slovakia
  • The whole toll network has been continuously extended with further tolling sections and road classes since 2010
  • Since 2017 the whole tolling network included 23000 toll sections for Motorways, 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class roads

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Manage traffic volume and relieve your road network with intelligent tolling solutions

Benefit from over two decades of experience in the successful implementation and smooth operation of tolling systems and benefit from complete tolling solutions from design and installation to the service and operation of road and IT systems.

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