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Traffic Centres

Tailor-made system solutions for your traffic management.

Our Traffic Management Centre platform integrates the previously separate worlds of traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance. The result: Customized system solutions based on a modular concept – for extra flexibility and easy adaptation to the most diverse urban traffic scenarios.

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Traffic Control Centres

Highly flexible, scalable, open – and easy to use.

We have designed and built more than 1,000 traffic control centres around the world – more than any other company. This unrivalled expertise has enabled us to create our traffic centre platform in its current form and will continue to be used for future developments. What sets our traffic control centres apart is their flexibility, scalability, openness and ease of use.

A scalable platform that meets individual requirements

Our traffic centre platform integrates the previously separate worlds of traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance. The functional modules run on a common basis and can be expanded or combined with other modules at any time. An additional advantage is the uniform user interface for the various applications. And thanks to their standardised communication interfaces, all our Yutraffic systems can be easily connected to existing technical installations. Our new user interface mimics the workflow in the traffic centre for each application and can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of specific tasks.

Our solutions

For individual needs.

Tailor-made modular system solutions: We combine traffic management, traffic control and parking guidance – for your individual needs.

Next Generation Traffic Management

Our Yutraffic Symphony software platform enhances existing traffic management solutions. We help cities to ensure the safety of all road users, limit the impact of traffic on the environment and improve the quality of life for all residents.

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Advanced Traffic Management

Yutraffic Concert collects and processes traffic data from a wide range of sources as a basis for implementing strategic measures.

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Traffic Control

Discover the first traffic computer that can be upgraded to traffic management centre functionality with Yutraffic Scala!

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Web-based Traffic Control Centre

Our web-based traffic control centre that you can control conveniently from your PC, tablet PC or smartphone: Yutraffic smartGuard.

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Interfaces and Standards

Open interfaces and compliance with standards ensure maximum ease of integration and seamless communication between field devices and control centres.

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Tools for Urban Traffic Control

The latest technologies and smart concepts – based on our extensive expertise and designed for ease of use.

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Guarenteed reliability: Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001

The availability, reliability and security of our traffic centre platform is certified to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. By certifying the products, systems and services in our portfolio to ISO/IEC 27001, we ensure that all IT security technologies always meet the latest technical standards. The two-stage security concept of our traffic centre platform and the security standards of the field devices, servers and data transmission also contribute to a high level of security.


Tailor-made solutions for your traffic management needs.

Benefit from a made-to-measure system solution based on the modular traffic center platform from Yunex Traffic – for extra flexibility and easy adaptation to the most diverse urban traffic scenarios.

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Intelligent traffic management

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