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Next Generation Traffic Management

The next generation traffic management platform – Yutraffic Symphony

This software platform enables cities to solve their specific traffic challenges. Ensure safety of all road users, limit the impact on the environment and increase your city’s quality of life.

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Yutraffic Symphony

The next generation traffic management platform

Given the disruptive and constantly evolving mobility landscape, modern traffic management needs to address multiple challenges simultaneously:

Mobility is a key factor for livable cities

Given the disruptive and constantly evolving mobility landscape, modern traffic management needs to address multiple challenges simultaneously:

  1. Staying ahead of congestion and proactively act when sudden or expected disruptions occur.
  2. Keeping pollutant emissions constantly under control and below acceptable thresholds.
  3. Coordinating the complex urban mobility landscape with multiple operators in a multimodal environment to ensure quick incident responses and safety for all road users.
  4. Designing, bringing to life, and executing innovative solutions built on the operator’s expertise and ingenuity.

Yutraffic Symphony is extendable and grows together with your city’s needs

We have reimagined traffic management and built Yutraffic Symphony to not only excel at what we know best, but to adapt, grow, and transcend boundaries with our customers. From day one, Yutraffic Symphony offers your city the following key benefits.

  • Modular and flexible
    A wide range of mobility applications for every traffic management use case – deployable in the cloud and on-premises.
  • Open and secure
    Built on state-of-the-art technology for secure development, deployment and operations. Easily integrate external data sources, 3rd party apps and share data.
  • Easy to use
    Operate your systems with a modern UI for fast yet flexible workflows, even in time-critical situations – built with experience from over 600 customers.
  • Built for today and tomorrow
    Yutraffic Symphony effectively addresses mobility needs through co-development with customers and continuous innovation – the capabilities grow with your city’s needs.

Open and versatile, exactly like your city

From urban traffic control to multimodal traffic management: Yutraffic Symphony enables comprehensive traffic management use cases for cities of all sizes – from simple field device monitoring to complex environmental traffic management.

Monitor, control and optimize traffic light systems in real time.

Control traffic lights in your network dynamically while optimizing traffic flow. Define dynamic thresholds to adapt your traffic light control to the current traffic volume in real time or inform maintenance and service teams and immediately transmit the status of the affected systems. Yutraffic Symphony supports you with intuitive dashboards and diagrams, so that you can always keep an eye on the status of your traffic lights – including information on functions such as green wave, circuit diagrams and public transport prioritization.

  • Extensive functions for monitoring various traffic lights and detectors
  • Automatic notification of service teams in the event of malfunctions
  • Monitoring of signal plans for “green waves” and fault detection
  • Real-time monitoring allows optimization of signal plans and phases

  • Definition of thresholds and detailed reports for the performance evaluation of traffic signals, even over longer periods of time
  • Integration of information from public transport for the efficient prioritization control and for detecting delays caused by traffic lights

  • Model-based and traffic-actuated signal control based on real-time traffic conditions
  • Reduction of traffic-related emissions and delays
  • Find more information on adaptive traffic control with Yutraffic FUSION

  • Prioritize specific road users like ambulances, buses, bikes, police, or the fire brigade
  • Our satellite-based, intelligent systems automatically triggers a “green wave” using innovative vehicle-to-infrastructure communication

Reduce traffic emissions preventively through active traffic management.

With Yutraffic Symphony, cities are able to prevent high immission values and comply with air quality standards at hot spots. This is achieved through immission modeling and forecasting for a comprehensive immission overview, even without physical detectors in the field. Yutraffic Symphony also enables the proactive detection of critical immission situations for effective traffic management in order to avoid limit violations.

  • Proactive detection of critical immission situations for effective traffic management
  • Modeling of environmental parameters allows an area-wide immission overview even without physical detectors in the field
  • Users are supported in the identification of critical immission situations and preventive measures

  • Implementation of various measures based on the determined environmental and weather data help to reduce emissions and increase traffic safety
  • Measures like gating and zoning for motor vehicle traffic, dynamic speed limits, traffic diversion and truck restrictions can be implemented with Yutraffic Symphony.

Maximize freeway capacity with Yutraffic Symphony.

Support smooth traffic flow with dynamic lane signs and ramp metering. With Yutraffic Symphony, the operators benefit from intuitive workflows developed together with our users worldwide. This means that operators have an extensive overview of the entire traffic network and can take action proactively, even in the event of traffic disruptions and extraordinary events.

  • Create incident messages or collect incidents from numerous external systems
  • Automatically notify all relevant stakeholders in case of an incident via various channels (SMS, e-mail, Twitter, etc.)
  • Directly forward incident warnings to connected vehicles and drivers

  • Comprehensive visualization of lane control signs, dynamic message signs, and ramp meters
  • Intuitive lane management with automated lane control sign configurations

  • Easy integration of one or more ramp metering systems including graphical monitoring of traffic flow and volume
  • Easily adjust operating modes and calibrate ramp meters by integrating parameters and settings within the application

Monitor all transport modes and increase collaboration.

Yutraffic Symphony supports multimodal traffic management that includes all modes of transport such as rail, bus and other mobility services (e.g. micro or shared services). Our system acts as a collaborative platform for infrastructure operators and mobility providers combining data from different systems to create a holistic visualization of the current traffic situation, events, road works and incidents. This allows taking proactive measures to improve traffic flow while reducing reaction times to incidents.

  • Map layers for locating public transport vehicles, routes, as well as information on delays and trip history
  • Map layers for monitoring shared mobility vehicles (e.g. cars, scooters, bicycles)
  • Heat maps to identify usage hotspots for shared mobility fleets

  • Include data of various infrastructure and service providers as well as external systems (e.g. weather information, road works, events)
  • Communicate via Yutraffic Symphony with stakeholders of different organizations and resolve incidents quickly.

Increase road safety with modern V2X technology.

Yutraffic Symphony supports seamless communication with connected vehicles thanks to numerous integrated functionalities. This extends the reach of your traffic management and supports mobility participants with up-to-date data on the traffic situation. Roadside units of different manufacturers can be used to send hazard warnings directly to vehicles and the drivers to decrease response times.

  • Direct notification of road users about incidents, road works or other events via the on-board displays in connected vehicles
  • Additional information for drivers, such as speed or weight limits can be distributed

  • Dynamic adjustment of speed limits and lane advisories is another feature of Yutraffic Symphony to control traffic
  • Guidance information is distributed directly to connected vehicles and drivers to increase their compliance

Reduce parking related traffic and increase efficiency of your parking facilities.

Guide vehicles and drivers to free parking spaces more quickly. Your city benefits twice from this: with less traffic looking for a parking space and better utilization of parking facilites. Monitoring tools and automatic reports help monitoring and managing all connected parking lots and multi-storey car parks creating transparency with real-time information.

  • The utilization of existing parking facilities can be monitored in real-time and even over longer periods of time
  • Intuitive dashboards support users with information on occupancy, calibration of parking sensors and maintenance

  • Guide road users more quickly to free parking spaces with integrated functions for dynamic signs
  • Additional information can be displayed, e.g. traffic situation or travel times in public transport, supporting a shift in mobility behavior

Modular Architecture

Yutraffic Symphony is based on state-of-the-art technology such as microservices and the cloud to offer cities the applications needed to make mobility safe, efficient, and sustainable. All Yutraffic Symphony solutions come with a set of core applications to ensure system usability security. Choose from a wide range of optional applications to create standard and individual use cases in the field of traffic management and beyond.​


Traffic Information Management System | Hamburg, Germany

  • TIMS is a collaborative platform that combines data from various systems to create a holistic view of the city‘s current traffic situation, events, construction sites and incidents in various modes of transport.
  • The users, like the traffic control center (VLZ), bus operation centers and the Hamburg Port Authority, receive relevant information regarding traffic irregularities, e.g., accidents, at an early stage and thus can proactively initiate necessary steps to improve the city’s traffic flow.
  • Shortens incident response times and working processes by improving communication and collaboration of users and stakeholders.

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