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Advanced Traffic Management

Integrated monitoring and control of traffic zones

Yutraffic Concert collects traffic data from a wide variety of sources and processes them to create a solid basis for implementing strategic measures, which can be initiated either manually or automatically. The system allows the integrated monitoring and control of different traffic zones such as city or town center, urban freeway or entire county.

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Yutraffic Concert

Modules for integrated traffic management

The Yunex Traffic Yutraffic Concert traffic center is the solution of choice for strategic coordination of traffic control and traffic information systems. As Yutraffic Concert consists of smoothly integratable modules, you are free to choose only those modules that you need for your traffic management tasks.

Traffic centers: Designed for seamless communication with the field devices and various sub-systems linked up with the different modules.

Yutraffic Concert. The modules

The strategy management module serves to define the general control strategies governing the operation of the different systems and processes. The tool retrieves all measured values, status information, operational messages as well as weather and environmental data available in the system, matches them with user-definable threshold values and assigns specific time constraints – as the basis for effective traffic interventions.

To round out the data base, additional traffic-related information can be entered, edited and completed via a traffic information editing workstation. The tool allows, for instance, to combine traffic news generated on the basis of detector data with additional information provided by the police or information on other relevant factors such as any major events planned. The data entered via the traffic information editing workstation is then taken into account when defining suitable traffic management measures.

The statistics module offers comprehensive options for the statistical analysis of data from all connected sensor types. Statistical reports include lists and graphs such as peak hour patterns, flow-concentration diagrams, daily or yearly time graphs of traffic load fluctuations.

New technologies and processes enable direct recording of route-related data, in particular travel times. Such data are often a much more precise indicator of congestion and traffic disruptions than data from local detectors. The fusion of data from different sources helps enhance overall data quality in terms of completeness, accuracy and updating frequency – for optimized traffic control, traffic guidance and traffic information. For this purpose, Yunex Traffic is developing requirements-based, tailored solutions in the scope of current projects.

There are a large number of sources providing all kinds of traffic data, but up to now these data could not be used in a holistic way. The IQ-Traffic module now makes it possible to combine real-time and historical data as well as environmental data on a single platform, enabling integrated data analysis and the derivation of recommendations for efficient traffic planning. A wide range of quality and impact analyses allow the evaluation and comparison of the traffic management decisions that have been taken.

The freeway management module allows the integration of graphical representations of roadway section and network control systems as well as tunnel control equipment. This allows targeted interventions to harmonize speeds and make freeway traffic flow more evenly. The result: significantly fewer accidents.

Yutraffic Concert: Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001

Guaranteed reliability. The availability, reliability and security of Concert are confirmed by certification to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. With the ISO/IEC 27001 certification of the products, systems and services in our portfolio we ensure that all IT security technologies always comply with the latest technical standards. The level of security is further enhanced by the two-stage Concert security concept and the security standards applied in all field devices, servers and data transfer systems.

Yutraffic Concert. Feature highlights:

  • Integrated ATMS solution, designed to fully support connected-vehicle applications (Vehicle-to-X)
  • Highly flexible strategy management with full access to all data available in the system
  • Optimum operational support for all linked-up sub-systems
  • Environment-sensitive traffic management for optimized mobility and air quality
  • Designed for seamless communication with field devices and sub-systems

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

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Integrated monitoring and control of traffic zones

With Yutraffic Concert you can collect and process traffic data from a wide variety of sources – to create a solid basis for the implementation of strategic measures.

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