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Tunnel and Freeway Management

More safety with modular tunnel and freeway management

Our modern traffic management system contributes to greater safety in tunnels and on freeways with situation-specific warnings and speed limits – and protects people, structures and the environment.

Sitraffic SST5 and InterUrbanService App

Outstation and service application

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Varia supports efficient and demand-based traffic management

Varia can be used for interurban and urban freeways and highways as well as for tunnels and enables comprehensive tunnel and highway management.

  • Monitors and controls lighting, ventilation, power supply, fire detection and pumps in the tunnel
  • Controls variable direction signs and traffic signs as well as permanent light signs and barriers
  • Delivers data to the traffic information services
  • Can integrate toll systems, video systems, emergency call systems and systems for environmental and traffic data collection
  • Works easily and smoothly with traffic centers and outstations of various kinds

Varia combines a solid technology base with expert knowledge and project experience

Varia incorporates all the expertise of our traffic experts – starting with design and development, through testing and commissioning, to the integration into your traffic management concept. Sitraffic Varia is structured in a way that for standard control system functions a middleware is used which already provides many basic functions (e.g. hot standby, user interface, multilingualism, user administration, archiving, reports, etc.). As a result, Sitraffic Varia helps to make space for the development and implementation of project-specific functions (e.g. ventilation, lighting, traffic control, etc.) – for traffic management that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Scalable and modular

With Sitraffic Varia you can implement the traffic management system that suits your needs: from a compact freeway control center to a tunnel control center with various operating facilities to a fully developed, higher-level Varia Nova control center. The system can be used at all control levels and grows with your requirements – including the connection to systems for long-distance traffic, urban traffic and parking.

Highest safety standards

Safety is a top priority at Sitraffic Varia. The system meets the requirements for functional safety (IEC 61508). The security processes are ISO/IEC 27001 certified and in the area of IT security the system ensures appropriate security levels according to IEC 62443 (Industrial communication networks – IT security for networks and systems). As a result, Sitraffic Varia not only improves the safety of road users in tunnels and on freeways, but also protects buildings from damage and operators and society from costs and risks.

Building Information Modeling & Digital Twin

Tunnel projects go digital

With our digital solutions, tunnel operators can see how the tunnel will be operated during the planning phase to save time and money while ensuring safe operation.

Building Information Modeling & Digital Twin

Yunex Traffic uses state-of-the-art methods in tunnel projects. With the help of a Building Information Management (BIM) model, a virtual tunnel including all components is first created together with the project partners involved. Only when this model meets all requirements and specifications is the real tunnel implemented. The model can then be developed into a digital twin of the tunnel and used throughout the entire life cycle of the tunnel. Your advantages: 

  • Higher project quality
  • Faster implementation
  • Reduced project costs 
  • Optimized operation

Tunnel and Freeway Management


No matter if individual components or complete turnkey solutions, Yunex Traffic offers highly flexible solutions that can be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Gotthard Base Tunnel | Switzerland

Fast and safe transit through the Alps

  • The team at Tunnel Control Center South (TCC) permanently monitors all technical facilities with the help of a safety infrastructure that is definitely among the world’s best
  • Over 70,000 Data points and more than 200,000 sensors detect any variation
  • At the tunnel’s north portal, a second, redundant tunnel control center ensures maximum availability

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Maliakos Kleidi | Greece

Complete tunnel management system for three tunnels

  • Three tunnels with a combined length of 22 km connected to two control centers
  • Turnkey completion of all electrical and electro-mechanical works
  • Including power distribution, lighting, ventilation, fire detection, CCTV systems, tunnel radio system, emergency call system, traffic monitoring and control, tunnel control center, system integration

Liantang Tunnel | Hongkong

New 11 km freeway reducing travel time between Hongkong and China

  • State-of-the-art traffic management system for the new freeway including a 5,7km tunnel
  • Including automatic incident detection, signage system, CCTV system, communication systems, central system
  • Controlled by one control center

Konigstunnel | The Hague, Netherlands

Renovation of all equipment in high speed thanks to BIM

  • Renovation of the 750m Koningstunnel within 6 months based on design using BIM
  • All electrical and mechanical equipment has been replaced including monitoring & control system
  • Virtual Reality is used to enable engineers and customers to experience the complete tunnel and train operators – even before it is built

Freeway A7 | Hamburg, Germany

Renovation and enhancement of one of the busiest highways in Germany

  • Renewing the 3km Elbtunnel and equipping two new tunnels (Schnelsen, Stellingen) with state-of-the-art traffic management systems
  • Central monitoring & control of all highway and tunnel systems at one control center
  • Decision support for the operator via traffic simulation and forecast

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Flexible tunnel and freeway solutions from Yunex Traffic

You want to harmonize traffic, avoid congestion and accidents, reduce travel times and, last but not least, reduce emissions from traffic? Together with you, we develop the right solution for your tunnel and freeway management.

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Tolling Solutions

An efficient demand management is an important building block of future mobility management. Both, operators and road users, benefit from reduced congestion, improved air quality, and a new quality of urban life.

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Traffic Management Systems

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