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Pupils get to know traffic lights anew at Yunex Traffic

Technology vacations 2022

As part of the “Technikferien” (technology vacations) organized by the association “Technik für Kinder e.V.” (Technology for Children), Yunex Traffic today welcomed technology-loving schoolchildren to its main site in Munich Perlach. In an interactive guided tour, the participants were invited to take a look behind the scenes of traffic lights and learn how modern traffic management paves the way for autonomous driving.

The non-profit association “Technology for Children”, or TfK for short, aims to get children excited about the world of technology. One of the many projects that the association, based in Deggendorf, organizes for this purpose is the “Technology Holidays.” As part of the program, which takes place every year during the Bavarian summer vacations, children and young people are invited to learn about technical innovations through play. Yunex Traffic, a global leader in intelligent traffic systems, also took part in the campaign this year.

Michael Schröder, head of the Yunex Traffic Academy, welcomed the participants in the morning at the company’s headquarters in Munich Perlach. Equipped with high-visibility vests, the group then made their way to the test facility at the site, where they explored how traffic lights, traffic computers and sensors work. After a brief excursion into the world of digital traffic management on a computer, the group rounded off the trip by enjoying lunch together.

“Everyone is familiar with traffic lights, but only very few people know how they actually work and regulate traffic. That’s why we’re always happy to answer these and many other burning questions about traffic control for young adults, and perhaps inspire one or two of them to devote their careers to this topic later on,” says Michael Schröder, head of the Yunex Traffic Academy.