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Recap: Yunex Traffic at ITS European Congress 2023

Looking back: We joined the ITS European Congress 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal

Under the motto “Yunex Traffic, the game changer for a more sustainable mobility”, we highlighted our solutions around sustainable mobility at the ITS European Congree 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. The ITS European Congress provides a platform for industry leaders, experts, and policymakers to come together and exchange insights and ideas on advancing smart mobility across Europe. With sustainability at the forefront, we took the opportunity to show our GoGreen Portfolio, which offers a suite of innovative solutions to address the pressing challenges faced by cities worldwide.

Day 1: Starting the day with a good cup of coffee, followed by informative speeches and valuable conversations

The first day at ITS European Congress 2023 was filled with excitement, engaging discussions and three speeches at our Yunex Traffic booth. The first speech on Environmental Traffic Management was about how intelligent technologies can optimize traffic flow and reduce energy consumption. The second speech focused on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of building a robust charging network to support the transition to electric mobility. Lastly, we shared insights into our regional projects in Portugal. Within the lively atmosphere, we offered customers a delicious cup of coffee by our barista, creating a warm and inviting environment for meaningful conversations.

Day 2: Joint speech with Transport for London and Portuguese drinks in the afternoon

One of the highlights on the second day was the exciting opportunity to hold a joint speech with our customer, Transport for London (TfL). The focus of the speech was on the cloud-based system Yutraffic FUSION. This solution that enables adaptive traffic control is already implemented in parts of London. The presence of TfL at the event was highly valued and greatly appreciated! Followed by two speeches and valuable talks, we invited for a few local drinks during our organised Happy Hour in the afternoon.

Day 3: Grand Finale with speeches on V2X, GoGreen Funding, and Advancements in Traffic Management and Services

The last day of ITS European Congress 2023 marked the grand finale at the fair, where we delivered an array of captivating speeches. The topics included V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology, GoGreen Funding, and topics such as data for traffic management, understanding traffic flow, and new services from new technologies. These enlightening presentations encapsulated our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the mobility sector, leaving attendees inspired and eager to explore the limitless possibilities of intelligent transportation systems.

In conclusion, our participation at the ITS European Congress 2023 in Lisbon proved to be a resounding success. The fair provided a valuable platform for industry leaders, experts, and policymakers to collaborate and exchange ideas on advancing smart and sustainable mobility across Europe. Our GoGreen Portfolio showcased a range of innovative solutions aimed at addressing the pressing challenges faced by cities worldwide. The engaging speeches delivered throughout the event, along with the warm atmosphere created by the company’s hospitality, fostered meaningful discussions and inspired attendees. We like to thank all our colleagues, customers, and participants for their valuable contributions and for making this fair a memorable success!