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Keeping Northern Ireland moving for over 30 years

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, our team have installed, maintained and revolutionised traffic since 1991. Covering over 1,200 traffic sites in Belfast and across the country, our team of 20 works day in, day out, to keep those who live, travel and work in Northern Ireland moving.

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Yunex Traffic wins the World Smart City Award in the category “Mobility”

We at Yunex Traffic, together with our subsidiary Aimsun, were awarded the World Smart City Award in the "Mobility" category at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona for the "Digitization of Traffic" (DIGI-V) project in Wiesbaden.

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Yutraffic Hong Kong appointed two female leaders as MD & MDF

Yutraffic Hong Kong appointed Karen Cheung and Xiao Ya Wu as Managing Director (MD) and Managing Director Finance (MDF). With many years of experience in the industry, both are best equipped to lead Yutraffic Hong Kong, a regional office of the global brand Yunex Traffic, on their path to becoming the national leader in the field of intelligent transport systems. As female leaders in tech, they are committed to supporting female talent in the industry.

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Meet Marc and hear more about one of our student opportunities!

At #TeamYunexTraffic, we have so many different opportunities for students. Whether you are looking for a placement during your studies, after your studies or an apprenticeship, we welcome fresh perspectives and ideas into our business. All whilst helping you kick-start your career and become a future #traffictransformer. Meet Marc Rüdell, a dual-study student who has recently spent time in Singapore as part of his placement.

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New partner for more sustainability in the supply chain: IntegrityNext

One of our purposes at Yunex Traffic is to take responsibility for the planet. Therefore, we commit to a comprehensive ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) framework and develop internal measures to ensure sustainable operations. To ensure that ESG criteria are also met in the supply chain, we work together with IntegrityNext.

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Recap: Yunex Traffic at ITS World Congress 2022

We were one of a few ITS World Congress exhibitors showcasing brand new technology. While much of the industry has contracted amid concerns about the global economy and supply chain issues, we have continued innovating to connect the dots of the mobility revolution. We’re combining innovation with physical products and digital solutions that focus on safety, reducing emissions and improving quality of life.

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Pupils get to know traffic lights anew at Yunex Traffic

As part of the "Technikferien" (Technology Holidays) organized by the association "Technik für Kinder e.V." (Technology for Children), Yunex Traffic today welcomed technology-loving schoolchildren to its main site in Munich Perlach. In an interactive guided tour, the participants were invited to take a look behind the scenes of traffic lights and learn how modern traffic management paves the way for autonomous driving.

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Yunex Traffic welcomes BCP Councillors and local school children to its factory in Poole

To celebrate National Manufacturing Day in the UK, Yunex Traffic opened the doors of its Poole factory to welcome a number of visiting dignitaries and parties of schoolchildren. The visitors all had an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the company’s factory, the global manufacturing base for Yunex Traffic worldwide.

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We are one of the Top 100 New Brands!

Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, released the first ever Top 100 New Brands report. We are thrilled, that Yunex Traffic is one of them! And that just one year after the launch of Yunex Traffic on July 1st 2021.

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