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It was announced in January 2022 and on June 30th, 2022 the time has come: the sale of Yunex Traffic has been successfully completed and we are a proud part of the Atlantia Group. This is not only a big step for us, but also for the whole ITS industry.

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Yunex Traffic is now part of Atlantia S.p.A.; shareholders’ meeting confirms Yunex Traffic’s CEO and CFO

The sale of Yunex Traffic from Siemens Mobility to Atlantia S.p.A. announced on 17 January 2022 has successfully been closed on 30 June 2022. With Atlantia as new, strategic owner, Yunex Traffic is best positioned to build its position as the global leader in adaptive traffic management systems, intelligent solutions for networking traffic and tolling systems. Markus Schlitt and Jan Villwock will remain in office as CEO and CFO.

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Yutraffic receives high recognition

In the report "2022 China Road Traffic Controller Market Research" by, Yutraffic ranked No. 4 as the most recognized traffic controller brands. Besides, they have received a “thank you” letter from the City of Beijing for their great support in the construction and application of the Beijing High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone.

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20 years of Yunex Traffic x CAOS

Yunex Traffic and CAOS are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their sales partnership. The German company CAOS supplies software systems for inventory and management of public fixed assets for municipal administration.

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9-euro-ticket: Is the public transport problem solved?

With the 9-euro-ticket, the German government aims to lessen the financial impact of rising prices on the travelling public and make public transport more attractive. However, previous projects in other cities show that prices are not the biggest issue for public transport. Rather, it is the limited supply, poor reliability and the lack of comfort that make citizens choose the car in preference to the bus or train. Markus Schlitt, CEO of Yunex Traffic, discusses how the intelligent control of public transport could solve these problems and, in doing so, increase the attractiveness of public transport in the long term.

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From personal meetings to green innovations: our highlights of Intertraffic 2022

If we want to master the challenges of our mobility, we need to think in a networked way, act responsibly and create solutions that are different. Visitors of our stand could not only see what this will look like in practice, but also experience it.

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Yunex Traffic appoints Diego A. Martínez as Managing Director Colombia and Chile

Yunex Traffic announces the appointment of Diego A. Martínez Vidal as Managing Director in Colombia and Chile. As of February 2022, Martínez leads the Latin America business of the global operating market leader in Intelligent Traffic Systems and will expand its presence in the regional market, where Yunex Traffic – formerly Siemens ITS – has been operating successfully for more than 40 years.

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Yunex Traffic is committed to gender equality in mobility and aims for a 25% women’s quota in management

Only 22% of people working in mobility are women. Yunex Traffic aims to change this in the coming years and is committed to achieving a 25% women’s quota in management positions by the end of fiscal year 2025. To raise awareness and promote change, the company launched a training program during the week of International Women's Day 2022, equipping employees with a toolkit to reflect on and address unconscious bias.

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Heavy-duty transport for more wind energy – Yunex Traffic as a supporter

80-metre-long rotor blades or tower sections up to 40 metres long and 5.5 metres in diameter demand space. Our technicians from Yunex Traffic are therefore not only responsible for the smooth dismantling and assembly of the systems during the journeys.

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