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Yunex Traffic wins major maintenance and capital works contract in London

Works will ensure that the infrastructure is operating safely, effectively and efficiently, as well as supporting the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero

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Bietigheim-Bissingen: Pioneer for sustainable road infrastructure

With the start in 1998, a success story of sustainable traffic control began in Bietigheim-Bissingen: By using energy-saving LED technology,…

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“With our 1-Watt-Technology, cities can reduce their energy consumption & save tons of CO2.”

With Yunex Traffic’s 1-Watt-Technology cities can reduce the energy consumption of their traffic lights by up to 80%.

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Yunex Traffic gives priority to busses and trams in Wallonia, Belgium

Yunex Traffic will implement a digital prioritization system for public transport in Wallonia, Belgium to reduce travel times, less delays and emissions.

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Hamburg installs first PrioBike bicycle totem from Yunex Traffic

More convenience and safety on the bike: Hamburg installs first PrioBike bicycle totem from Yunex Traffic. Hamburg, 09.12.2022. From now…

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Keeping Northern Ireland moving for over 30 years

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, our team have installed, maintained and revolutionised traffic since 1991. Covering over 1,200 traffic sites in Belfast and across the country, our team of 20 works day in, day out, to keep those who live, travel and work in Northern Ireland moving.

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Yunex Traffic wins the World Smart City Award in the category “Mobility”

We at Yunex Traffic, together with our subsidiary Aimsun, were awarded the World Smart City Award in the "Mobility" category at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona for the "Digitization of Traffic" (DIGI-V) project in Wiesbaden.

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New partner for more sustainability in the supply chain: IntegrityNext

One of our purposes at Yunex Traffic is to take responsibility for the planet. Therefore, we commit to a comprehensive ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) framework and develop internal measures to ensure sustainable operations. To ensure that ESG criteria are also met in the supply chain, we work together with IntegrityNext.

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Sustainability at Yunex Traffic: Clean Air Zones

Poor air pollutes our health and has a negative impact on the quality of life in our cities. Many cities are therefore working on solutions to improve air quality. One of these is Clean Air Zones (CAZ), which reduce traffic-related emissions in cities. We spoke to Wilke Reints, Managing Director Yunex Traffic UK about how the solution is improving air quality in our cities. We talked to our UK Managing Director, Wilke Reints (WR), about how clean air zones are driving improvements in air quality in our cities.

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