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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: US

We are digitizing traffic in Gainesville! It’s a mid-size town in Florida, but it’s quickly becoming a hot testbed for connected and autonomous vehicle technologies with implications not only for the US, but the entire world. Research and testing are key to these smart city deployments and soon, pedestrians and bicyclists will benefit from new safety tools.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: Greece

Let’s make traffic flow smoothly in Thessaloniki! With our “Thessaloniki Traffic Management Unification Project”, which was executed in cooperation with our partner Traffic Technique, we make sure to optimize traffic flow, reduce CO2 emissions and make the city more livable.

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Around the World with Yunex Traffic: UK

In one of Britain’s largest cities, we are proudly helping to improve air quality! Using our Clean Air Zone enforcement technology and Sicore II ANPR camera-based solutions, we have helped to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels within the Zone by 13% in the first six months of operation. This project perfectly demonstrates our purpose of making cities more liveable and more sustainable, helping to clean up the air local people breathe and improving safety for all road users.

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One Year Clean Air Zone in Birmingham

14 June marks the first anniversary of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) entering full operation, with the enforcement scheme having been designed and installed by Yunex Traffic. Since the CAZ was implemented, there has been a significant fall in the percentage of the most polluting vehicles entering the city centre, with air quality in central Birmingham improving as a result.

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9-euro-ticket: Is the public transport problem solved?

With the 9-euro-ticket, the German government aims to lessen the financial impact of rising prices on the travelling public and make public transport more attractive. However, previous projects in other cities show that prices are not the biggest issue for public transport. Rather, it is the limited supply, poor reliability and the lack of comfort that make citizens choose the car in preference to the bus or train. Markus Schlitt, CEO of Yunex Traffic, discusses how the intelligent control of public transport could solve these problems and, in doing so, increase the attractiveness of public transport in the long term.

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Open letter to the participants at the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos

Climate change is one of the crucial challenges of our time and also on top of the agenda at World Economic Forum 2022. Causing more than 20% of global CO2 emissions , traffic is a crucial lever to master the climate crisis. With this open letter, the global leaders in intelligent traffic systems call on the world‘s economic leaders to acknowledge mobility as a crucial driver for climate change and put the development and implementation of solutions to reduce traffic emissions on top of the agenda.

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Yunex Traffic awarded Sheffield Clean Air Zone contract

Yunex Traffic has been awarded a contract to design, supply and install a Clean Air Zone ANPR camera monitoring and enforcement solution across Sheffield City Centre.

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From personal meetings to green innovations: our highlights of Intertraffic 2022

If we want to master the challenges of our mobility, we need to think in a networked way, act responsibly and create solutions that are different. Visitors of our stand could not only see what this will look like in practice, but also experience it.

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Green wave for clean air in Darmstadt

Yunex Traffic is installing a traffic light phase assistant in the science city of Darmstadt, which generates real-time traffic data and informs road users via app about the optimal travel speed for a green wave. The measure improves the air quality in Darmstadt and thus increases the quality of life in the city.

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