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Major milestone in Miami-Dade County ATMS Upgrade Project

Yunex Traffic, a global intelligent traffic systems leader, has commenced the installation of nearly 3,000 controllers and the upgrade of the traffic detection infrastructure in Miami-Dade County. This follows the company’s recent deployment of its state-of-the-art TACTICSTM central traffic control system, a major milestone in Miami-Dade County’s massive seven-year traffic management upgrade, one of the largest projects in Yunex Traffic’s history.

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Adaptive Technologies – manage traffic automatically

As everyone is gearing up to watch the Bengals and the Rams go head-to-head this Sunday during the Superbowl, us here in the traffic world are focused on how all those pedestrians and vehicles are going to get in and out of the stadium.

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Heavy-duty transport for more wind energy – Yunex Traffic as a supporter

80-metre-long rotor blades or tower sections up to 40 metres long and 5.5 metres in diameter demand space. Our technicians from Yunex Traffic are therefore not only responsible for the smooth dismantling and assembly of the systems during the journeys.

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Yunex Traffic ensures cleaner air in Wiesbaden

Yunex Traffic supports the city of Wiesbaden (GER) in the implementation of the nationwide model project "DIGI-V" ("Digitalization of Traffic in Wiesbaden").

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Portsmouth Clean Air Zone goes live – with Yunex Traffic technology

Portsmouth is the latest city in the UK to choose Yunex Traffic as the provider for its Clean Air Zone. The scheme, which came into operation on 29 November, uses the company’s Sicore II ANPR cameras to identify and register every vehicle that enters the zone.

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The car of the future will be autonomous

Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW, speaks about tomorrow’s urban mobility.

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