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The next generation traffic management platform

Press release

Yunex Traffic to launch Sitraffic Symphony, the next generation traffic management platform

  • State-of-the-art system that provides cities and municipalities with increased mobility, incident, and environment management capabilities
  • Sitraffic Symphony is a modern and forward-thinking system that can address multiple challenges simultaneously by coordinating operations and response strategies from different organizations
  • Yunex Traffic will present Sitraffic Symphony at the ITS World Congress on Tuesday, October 12.

Yunex Traffic will unveil Sitraffic Symphony, its next generation traffic management platform, at the 2021 ITS World Congress in Hamburg. The brand-new state-of-the-art system will lead the way into a new era of traffic management. It will enable cities and municipalities to go beyond traditional traffic management by also allowing operators to optimize for air quality and public transportation. The features will allow cities and municipalities to better coordinate and manage the traffic network by incorporating multimodal strategies and providing a common operational view among stakeholders.

“We have reimagined traffic management and built Sitraffic Symphony to not only excel at what we know best, but to adapt, grow, and transcend boundaries with our customers. From urban traffic control to multimodal traffic management, Sitraffic Symphony enables comprehensive traffic management for cities of all sizes, ranging from simple field device monitoring to complex environmental traffic management,” said Yunex Traffic CEO Markus Schlitt.

Sitraffic Symphony is a modern and forward-thinking system that can address multiple challenges simultaneously. Key benefits for cities include: the ability to keep pollutant emissions constantly under control, staying ahead of congestion andproactively taking action when needed, and coordinating the complex urban mobility landscape with multiple stakeholders to ensure the safety for all road users. The modular and flexible traffic management system can be extended and customized to meet the particular needs of a city.

The intelligent system is built on the very latest technology and offers cities a secure platform for development, deployment, and operations. It also provides the ability to easily integrate external data sources, share data, and enable 3rd party applications. With Sitraffic Symphony, operators can simulate and forecast traffic to identify critical traffic or air quality incidents, and then proactively resolve them on both city streets and highways before they occur. Operators can also easily coordinate traffic management strategies with public transport operations to increase capacity and reliability for all travelers.

Yunex Traffic will present Sitraffic Symphony at The ITS World Congress on Tuesday, October 12. Additional information can be found on this, as well as all other Yunex Traffic topics, at the Yunex Traffic ITS World Congress booth located in the Hamburg Messe at B 5201.

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Yunex Trafficis a separately managed company of Siemens Mobility. It isa global leader in the field of intelligent traffic systems,offering the widest end-to-end portfolio of solutionsforadaptive traffic control and management, highway and tunnel automation, as well as smart solutions for V2X and road user charging tolling.Yunex Traffic has 3100 employees from 58 nations and is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Its intelligent mobility solutions are currently being used in major cities across the world, including Dubai, London, Berlin, Bogota, and Miami. Yunex Traffic has successfullyconcentrated its efforts on mastering technologies in the three segments of hardware, software, and service, and is subsequently the only supplier who is capable of meeting all major regional standards in Europe, UK, Asia and America.