WiMag In-ground detection

Wireless traffic detection

Complementing our proven loop and radar detection solutions, WiMag provides a vehicle and bicycle detection system using low power wireless technology to transmit data to host controllers.

The WiMag solution uses battery-powered wireless sensors installed beneath the surface of the road, sending information to the traffic controller without the need for expensive cabling or duct work.

Innovation in cycle highway design and integration

As part of the reduction in air pollution, a cycle superhighway is planned by Cardiff Council and Yunex Traffic have been engaged as a consultant to design an efficient, innovative solution to keep vehicles and cycles moving safely on the carriageway.  This JCT Symposium presentation highlights one of the many innovative cycle schemes throughout Cardiff using technologies such as magnetometer detection, nearside pedestrian signals used as far-side indicators, low level cycle signals, SCOOT for cycles and overhead cycle detection.

Why WiMag?

The installation, maintenance and removal of ducting and cabling in the highway is typically costly and time-consuming, leading to increased impacts on the road network.  WiMag provides an alternative solution in favour of a faster, easier and more cost-effective detection system.

Each WiMag detector is placed into a small hole that has been ‘cored’ in the carriageway surface which is then fixed in place with epoxy resin.

Equipped with sophisticated wireless technology and a dedicated battery, the detectors can operate effectively for extended periods expected to be up to 10 years, with a warranty period of 5 years.

Wireless transmission

With in-built wireless transmitters/receivers, the detectors communicate with nearby access points or battery-powered repeater units that are typically installed above traffic signal heads and on suitable poles. The access point serves as a wireless gateway to maintain connection with the detector and effortlessly establish overall time synchronisation. Configuration details are also managed and sent through the access point to other devices whilst receiving and processing all data gathered from the detectors.
In larger installations, the repeater units can be used to extend the range between an installed detector and the access point up to approximately 300m. Two repeaters can operate in tandem for an even further distance (up to 600m) to facilitate a larger, more extensive, detector network.

The next generation of WiMag architecture

Providing additional flexibility, the WiMag Flex Architecture allows for further options when using wireless vehicle detection at new or existing junctions. 

The access point technology is moved to within the controller cabinet and is supported by a line-powered repeater that is equipped with an external onmi-directional antennae and is powered by a spare traffic signal core.  By reducing the number of access points used at a site, a notable decrease in the required cabling is realised where costs and installation time are lower while configuration is simpler, easier and quicker. 

Cyclist in city traffic

Versatile and reliable detection

The WiMag vehicle detector contains a magnetometer sensor that detects disturbances in the magnetic field to indicate the presence of a vehicle.  Continuous self-calibration for the earth's magnetic fluctuations mean the detector is always operating reliably and accurately.
The WiMag cycle detector unit identifies bicycles based on their speed by using a microwave radar-based system.  To increase flexibility, the detector has a configurable range meaning there is no reliance on bicycles passing directly over the in-road detector.
The vehicle detector can function in VA, SCOOT and MOVA applications while the cycle detector has the ability to operate in VA, SCOOT and Stop Line control systems.

Detectors tailored to your traffic management tasks

The safety and effectiveness of traffic management relies upon a constant flow of accurate information.  Our detection portfolio can provide this information through a broad range of solutions - customised to suit the requirements of your traffic network.

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