Connected Mobility

Real-time data exchange between infrastructure and vehicles

Municipal requirements vary as widely as the cities themselves. This is why Yunex Traffic has developed a uniquely wide range of solutions for urban applications: Connected Mobility Solutions. From satellite-based prioritization systems for mass-transit and rescue vehicles, coordinated green phases for cyclists, intelligent road traffic digitialisation to electric buses and a smart flow control system for trucks - we offer the optimum solutions for any demand.

Intelligently digitalised roads


Intelligent digitalisation of road networks is of critical importance for economic growth and quality of life. This is why Yunex Traffic has developed ESCoS V2x technology. ESCoS is a secure, cooperative technology for communication between all kinds of vehicles and the infrastructure. Vehicle2x is part of the growing "Internet of Things". ESCoS Road Side Units provide key data for a more precise picture of the current traffic situation, enabling more efficient traffic control, a significant reduction in accident numbers and an even greater cut in emissions than possible up to now.

The intelligent system for communication between road vehicles and infrastructure

When it comes to communication, Car2x is the solution: Our cooperative traffic management system allows vehicles to connect with the infrastructure and the traffic control centres. The Road Side Unit (RSU) provides the vehicles directly with time-critical data such as SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing) while non-time-critical information such as IVI (In-Vehicle Information) is transmitted from the cooperative Stratos traffic management centre via LTE to the cars. The result: more effective prevention of congestion and accidents and a stronger reduction in pollutant emissions - essential factors for cities and other municipalities aiming to improve quality of life and boost economic growth.

Car 2x - this is how the smart technology works:

  • The infrastructure components are equipped with RSU technology
  • The cars use the RSU's GPS and their own Car2x onboard units to continuously report their position, speed, and direction of travel
  • The traffic management system transmits traffic information, traffic restrictions and hazard warnings.
  • The control centre uses the available Car2x information for more efficient traffic control and guidance

Innovative technical features

  • Integration of all required international V2x communication standards
  • High security standards including PKI
  • Open interfaces to communicate with controllers via standard connections
  • Defined security concept for maintenance purposes
  • Spare interfaces for future connection of innovative technologies
  • Full hardware and software compatibility with all Vehicle2x solutions

Technical benefits

  • Deployment as stand-alone or integrated solution
  • Complete integration into the Siemens Mobility Stratos system
  • Full compliance with EU and US standards
  • Easy installation
  • Modular concept enables the creation of project-specific solutions and facilitates adaptation to future requirements
  • Multi-purpose mounting system
  • Highly accurate positioning performance

Stratos ESCOS-Vehicle2x: Benefits and Highlights

  • Improves road safety and reduces accident numbers
  • Optimises the flow of traffic, minimizing congestion and stop-and-go traffic
  • Shortens travel times
  • Helps reduce traffic-related emissions
  • Boosts your municipality's image by positioning it as a sustainable "green city"
  • Contributes to lasting improvements in the quality of life across entire conurbations
  • Vehicle2x infrastructure supports automated and autonomous driving

The innovative field device for Vehicle2x

The technological heart of Vehicle2X consists in the cooperative control centre Stratos and the field device RSU for establishing the connection. Stratos has been designed to integrate the complex structures of urban and interurban traffic control centres. Developed to communicate via WiFi 802.11p and LTE-V2x with any vehicles equipped with this standard, the RSU is a perfect fit for urban road networks and motorways alike.

Connected Mobility Solutions

The future of traffic management

These four trends will have a lasting impact on our mobility behaviour: Car-Sharing, the connection of infrastructure with vehicles, e-vehicles and autonomous driving, are already indespensable today. Let us take you on a journey along the digital path of mobility!

Inclusive vision: Car2x, Rail2x, Ship2x and Airplane2x

There are many places where the routes taken by road vehicles intersect with those of other means of transport such as trains, ships and even airplanes (on the airfield). Our vision of the future transport “Internet of Things” includes constant communication between all those elements – a goal that we continue to work on every day.
The new Yunex Traffic EcoSystem Cooperative System road side unit (ESCoS RSU) puts in place the necessary infrastructure to allow a two-way communications to be established between traffic systems and vehicles equipped with the same technology. These units adopt low-latency Wireless LAN-based 802.11p ITS-G5 dynamic short-range radio technology in accordance with relevant ETSI and ISO standards, interfacing to our Stratos cloud-hosted traffic management system.
The ESCoS RSUs can also be connected to our ST local traffic light controllers, extracting signal phase and timing information as well as providing the ability for traffic priority demand to be requested by authorised vehicles (e.g. emergency services, public transport) to reduce emissions caused by unnecessary braking and accelerating.”


Uses of the technology

Satellite-based prioritisation systems for mass-transit and rescue vehicles, coordinated green phases for cyclists, intelligent road traffic digitalisation, electrical buses or a smart flow control system for trucks – Connected Mobility Solutions from Yunex Traffic help make urban traffic management even more efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and safer.

Connected Mobility Solutions

Connected Mobility Solutions offer various options for optimised traffic management in your municipality.

UK CITE (Connected Inelligent Transport Environment)

  • Demonstration of technology that removes the reliance of physical infrastructure.
  • Transmission of smart motorway dynamic speed control directly into the vehicle.
  • Transmission onto the vehicle of other relevant messages such as road works warning, road condition warning and emergency brake light warning.

UK Autodrive

  • Transmitting traffic signal timings into a vehicle.
  • The vehicle on board unit processes the data and advises the driver of an appropriate speed.
  • Reduces braking and acceleration to improve safety and air quality.

Gosforth Corridor

  • An intelligent bus priority system.
  • Acceptance of priority requests fed back to the driver with information of the downstream traffic signal state.
  • Priority control can be granted by vehicles type or time of day.