smartmicro MLR Detector

*NEW* smartmicro MLR

Using the latest innovative technology and algorithms, the smartmicro MLR (Multi-Lane Radar) provides exceptional detection accuracy at traffic signal intersections.  Each radar can support multiple detection zones or "virtual loops" and is designed as a complete replacement to traditional induction loops while providing maintenance-free operation and avoiding any intrusive and costly installation works. 

The future of above-ground detection

The smartmicro MLR operates on the 77GHz waveband allowing for exceptional object tracking and separation.  As a result, the detector can operate in both VA and MOVA applications where identifying the gaps between vehicles is critical.

Similarly, this high performance also allows for the accurate detection of all road user types, from pedestrian and cyclist, through to HGV's and buses.  Effective operation and accuracy is maintained through various weather conditions, including rain, snow and wind.

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