Heimdall above-ground detection

Heimdall: complete above-ground detection

Our Heimdall solution offers comprehensive above-ground detection of both vehicles on the road and pedestrians at the roadside. Using advanced radar-based technology, the complete range of detectors offers high performance, simple installation and low on-going maintenance. The detector's compact form also ensures that unnecessary street clutter is minimised. Heimdall was entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Yunex Traffic, providing you with a simple and cost-effective alternative for vehicle and pedestrian detection.

Meet the family

Through unique features and innovative technology, Heimdall is able to offer a wide range of detection solutions for a variety of applications:

  • Dual lane vehicle approach
  • Single lane vehicle approach
  • Stop line
  • Selectable speed activation
  • Pedestrian on-crossing
  • Pedestrian kerbside (standard & volumetric)
  • MOVA

Detectors tailored to your traffic management tasks

The safety and effectiveness of traffic management relies upon a constant flow of accurate information.  Our detection portfolio can provide this information through a broad range of solutions - customised to suit the requirements of your traffic network.

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