Stratos Outstation

The future of traffic management

The Stratos Outstation is a powerful outstation platform for use with traditional UTC systems that will also support future Stratos functionality as it becomes available.  Using the latest Arm processor technology, this small, compact unit initially provides UTMC OTU and both MOVA 7 and 8 functions.

Powerful, future-proof platform

Stratos Outstation highlights

  • UTMC UG405 compliant communications for UTC operation
  • In-built 4 stream MOVA 7 and MOVA 8
  • Manual or automatic MOVA activation from UTC or Stratos central system
  • Easy configuration - future plug-and-play setup when connected to Stratos




  • Common look and feel with ST950
  • Wide range of communication options including copper, fibre, GSM, GPRS, 3G and Mesh radio
  • Multi-language support

Full implementation of UG405

The Stratos Outstation fully supports the UG405 protocol which ‘timestamps’ all data exchanged between either a traditional or Stratos central system and the outstation, ensuring a highly tolerant solution even when communications are of a poor quality. This is of particular benefit where variable latency and intermittent data loss are likely to be encountered, for example, where IP based wireless solutions are employed.

Four streams of integrated MOVA

The Stratos Outstation implements four MOVA 7 or MOVA 8 streams which may be introduced manually or automatically, for example, via time table control and the central system. In addition MOVA can be configured, downloaded and operated both locally and by a user remotely, using the same user interfaces and tools in both cases.

Fully web based user interface

The Stratos Outstation  implements a ‘web based’ user interface which has a common look and feel with the ST950 controller range. The Interface enables users to interact with the unit without the need to be familiar with ‘old style’ 3 character handset commands, reducing potential training costs.

Compatible with a wide range of controllers

The Stratos Outstation offers a highly efficient serial interface to Yunex Traffic controllers as well as a fully functional TR2523 parallel interface to any third party controller that supports this interface.

Efficient management of Outstation firmware and configurations

Our Outstation Support Server (OSS) provides a management facility for a wide range of Yunex Traffic equipment including the Stratos Outstation, the ST950, Electra VMS signs and earlier UTMC OTUs. Whilst it is possible to operate a Stratos Outstation without an associated Outstation Support Server (OSS), the full benefits of the system are best realised when this component is included in the overall system topology.

Range of physical variants

The Stratos Outstation offers a range of alternate physical variants to suit differing controller types, including semi-integral, freestanding, 11” and 19” 3U rack mounted and 11” and 19” 5U rack mounted.

Stratos Integration

The powerful Stratos Outstation currently supports detailed monitoring of a wide variety of on-street controllers at the same time as full UTC or MOVA control. New firmware and configuration data may be downloaded from the Stratos system usually without the need for a site visit. Future Stratos functionality will include advanced local fixed time plan, control, vehicle count and classification.

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