Monitoring, Outstation and Communication

Stratos Outstation

The Stratos Outstation is a powerful platform for use with UTC systems and Stratos for use with non-ST950 traffic signal controllers.

Using the latest Arm processor technology this small, compact unit provides a wide range of features and benefits:

  • Powerful, future-proof platform - easily adaptable to support all new functionality
  • UTMC, UG405 compliant communications for UTC operation
  • Inbuilt 4 stream MOVA 7 and MOVA 8
  • Easy configuration using the fully web-based user interface
  • Wide range of communication options including copper, fibre, 4G and Mesh radio
  • Multi-language support
  • Compatible with Yunex Traffic ST controller range (integral to the ST950)
  • Parallel interface to third party controllers supporting the TOPAS 2523 interface
  • Remote controller and outstation web page connection
  • Central management of firmware and configurations
  • date stamped rolling log providing detailed history of events
  • On-board SD card contains automated device backup
  • Two integrated ethernet ports, four USB host interface, one user USB interface
  • Last gasp battery support


A range of compatible routers and ancillary communications and cabinet devices are available with flexible licence options to provide the right communications solution for each traffic signal site.

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