Plus+ Temporary Solution

Plus+ Temp to Perm

A revolutionary solution to eliminate the need for temporary traffic management

We propose to change the way temporary signals are deployed during site installation.

The installation of a signalised traffic intersections requires civil engineering works, lane closures and in most cases, the use of temporary signals.  Using temporary signals as part of an overall traffic management scheme can be complex and costly - particularly if network performance is to be maintained throughout the duration of the project - and leads to increased disruption to road users and pedestrians.  Furthermore, UTC operation of temporary signals provides challenges and often results in the appointment of an overly complex and wasteful temporary solution.

Plus+ Temporary to Permanent Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for third party temporary traffic signalling
  • Eliminates the need for overhead cabling or wireless battery powered signals
  • Utilises the final site Plus+ equipment, recognising the benefits earlier in the project and removing the need to rent equipment
  • Uses a fully-compliant TR2500 traffic control system and has a complete set of functions you would expect from a traffic signal controller
  • Compatible with a range of outstation equipment and instations, as per the standard ST950 controller range
  • Provides flexible methods of control including SCOOT or MOVA and connection to UTC
  • Provides flexible temporary cable methods as provided by Plus+

The solution

The Plus+ traffic control system is a new approach to traffic signal control.  Intelligence and infrastructure are distributed around the junction to provide a range of benefits including improved resilience and a significant reduction in the amount of cabling required.  Implementations of Plus+ have already utilised the final system equipment during the construction phase to act as the temporary traffic signals.  This procedure allows for Plus+ equipment, procured for the final scheme, to be used in place of temporary traffic management during scheme construction.   

The Plus+ controller is installed in its permanent location, with Plus+ traffic signal equipment installed in to blocks in temporary positions.  As civils works progress and new poles installed, the Plus+ signal equipment in temporary locations is simply transferred to their new permanent location with the solution remaining live in operation.  Due to Plus+ using a small number of 2-pair feeder cables to support an entire junction, the temporary junction can often be installed using existing cable ducting around a junction - removing the need for a large number of overhead cables or wireless battery powered signals.

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