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Meet some of our interns and see how they are transforming traffic in the USA!

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And our Engineering Interns and Early Careers teams play a key role in developing the latest traffic technologies and bringing innovations to life all over the world.

Bianca, Dimitrie, Aleksander, Miguel, and Daniel are all located in the USA and are transforming traffic with their teams. Let’s get to know them!

Hi all! Thanks for speaking with us. We’d love to hear more about your roles and what you do.

Bianca: I’m currently learning schedule and progress controlling by using software such as ArcGIS (a web mapping software), Primavera (a project portfolio management software) and Power BI (an interactive data visualization software). By doing so, I can support the team with project scheduling and data control matters. I’m majoring in Information Systems at Floria International University so the work I’m doing aligns to my studies!

Dimitrie: I support my colleagues with the various software tools we use within our projects – answering any questions they have and maximizing the software capabilities. I spend time streamlining the workflow process we have, including internal and external team coordination and implementing tools and strategies that enhance collaboration. I also troubleshoot issues on Excel to make sure our data is always accurately documented and easy for the team to use.  

Aleksander: I’m a software engineering intern for our Miami Dade Project and I’m currently working on converting systems data into our Yunex Traffic SEPAC software. I also support in the development and maintenance of different ArcGIS maps.

Miguel: I’ve worked on many different tasks in the company so far! I started working on controller testing which was interesting. It quickly taught me how our controllers work! Then, I proceeded to do submissions of our engineering packages. I have also worked in the installation field by helping our teams to remove and install new controllers. 

Daniel: My role is permit and design engineering intern. I create, modify and submit required documents for the construction site. I also help with updating data in our database to make sure everything is being reflected accurately.

What do you enjoy about your roles?

Aleksander: I enjoy the autonomy that I am given at Yunex Traffic. When given a new task, I’m allowed to take my own approach at solving the problem. I like being able to challenge myself with different approaches and it shows that my managers trust me! I also enjoy being able to contribute to different projects and elements of a project. For example, I’m not working on just one part of the Miami Dade project which keeps me engaged and gives me the chance to learn new tools.

Bianca: I really enjoy the opportunities given to keep learning. There is always something new to learn and Yunex Traffic is very open in encouraging us to learn new things. There is a great atmosphere within the team and it’s always fun to get to know everyone.

Miguel: There are many things that I like about Yunex Traffic! One of those is how there is always a task to be performed which makes me feel that I’m playing a part. I also like how caring they are of their employees by helping them with programs such as educational assistance. 

Dimitrie: There is always something to do – I’m never bored! Everyone here is always willing to help and teach me too which is great.

Daniel: I love the amount of learning I have done throughout my internship. There were many skills and tools I had never heard of and learned which has made me a more well-rounded student.

What are you looking forward to after you graduate?

Dimitrie: I want to obtain a full-time job in the engineering industry and to further my knowledge. I’m looking forward to my future career!

Daniel: Once I graduate, I would love to work at Yunex Traffic with a more traditional computer science role. Perhaps ideally something with big data, data analytics or database management systems.

Bianca: I’m looking forward to hopefully continuing learning and growing with Yunex Traffic!

Aleksander: I would love to continue my education and get a master’s degree. I’m also excited to begin working on even more challenging projects. I have enjoyed the ITS industry so far – it’s a niche field with a variety of challenges!

Miguel: After I graduate, I would love to see where my career takes me – hopefully with Yunex Traffic! I have really enjoyed working in the traffic industry and this engineering field.  

If you could say anything to a student considering an Internship at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

Miguel: I would say it’s important to be open to learning new things – many opportunities come your way as an intern at Yunex Traffic so it’s essential to have an open mind on learning. 

Dimitrie: Be confident in your skills and you’ll learn on the job if you come with no background in engineering. Don’t stress – Yunex Traffic is very welcoming with teaching!

Bianca: Be open to learning new things! There are also a lot of moving parts to this project so it’s also important to be able to communicate with everyone.

Daniel: I would advise to be comfortable with asking questions. The work environment is very friendly and everyone is more than happy to help with any questions.

Aleksander: I would say this is a great opportunity to put the skills you learn in school to practice. There is always something new to work on and learn. It is a high paced environment where you will work on all sections of civil engineering.

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