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Yunex Traffic in Austria

Yunex Traffic Austria is concerning portfolio elements and human skills a full fledged part of the Yunex traffic world family.

In Yunex Traffic Austria we sell, install and maintain Traffic management system, urban & interurban portfolio, especially tolling solutions and enforcement solutions. Yunex Traffic Austria is also involved in the development of the world product portfolio (e.g. awareAI, C-ITS RSU, tolling OBU). Additionally Yunex Traffic Austria leads a hub of countries, with own companies in Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia and business responsibility for several countries in easter Europe.

Managing Director Yunex Traffic Austria

Markus Racz

Managing Director Finance Yunex Traffic Austria

Andreas Hohlhut


Smart camera system with artificial intelligence to detect and track vehicles and pedestrians in flexible detection zones.


First comprehensive network of roads and vehicles in Europe.

Warning Guidance Trailer

Warning Guidance Trailer are the first construction site trailers with C-ITS functionality in a productive environment.

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