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Yunex Traffic in Belgium & Luxembourg

Yunex Traffic has already a long history in ensuring safe and fluent mobility solutions.

We make mobility safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Our intelligent and innovative mobility solutions combine freedom of movement with limited space; autonomy with safety; climate targets with value creation; quality of life with digital progress.

Connected Mobility

The digitalization of road networks is important for economic growth and quality of life.

Connecting vehicles to the infrastructure will allow cities to manage their traffic network more precisely and efficiently than ever before with significant reduction of traffic jams, accidents, and emissions.

With our technology the public transport and emergency vehicles can be prioritized at the intersection.


For every intersection and use case an appropriate detector for traffic, pedestrian, and cycle detection.

Our sensor portfolio includes proven loop, radar, ANPR and wireless detection solutions. Providing accurate, reliable data for your traffic management applications.

The Advanced Perception

Artificial Intelligence based detection With AI-based Platform & video-based traffic analytics connected to Central-Traffic-Management System.

Enforcement / Clean air zones

Many use cases like e.g.

  • Tolling enforcement for whole networks (e.g., Congestion Charging London)
  • Section speed control and travel time measurement.
  • Clean Air & Low Emission Zones

Yunex Traffic Benelux has installed our most reliable counting of bicycle in the market & thousands & more than 100 ANPR cameras.

Tolling solutions

Our advanced road pricing technology for intelligent demand management: the basis for future mobility With intelligent demand management on interurban roads as well as in urban areas, both operators and road users benefit from less congestion and improved air quality.

Tunnel Management

Integrated Traffic and Plant Management System contributing to greater safety in tunnels and freeways with (semi-) automated workflows and active traffic management – protecting people, structures and the environment.

We carry out comprehensive tunnel projects in different geographies with our electrical and mechanical engineering.

Central Software to enable control of all traffic signals in an area with a variety of interface standards

Highly effective traffic management with more throughput, less pollution & less operating & SW maintenance cost.

Modular, flexible, secure & built for tomorrow.

Our Unique Integrated End2End-SW-Platform connects the Dots for Consistent active Traffic Management to get into the driver seat and to actively manage the network, seamless intervention also integrating further sub-systems like highway management, parking guidance, floating car data, V2x… custom development (Scripts, APIs) for specific needs.

Customer Services

KPI based maintenance services supported by state-of-the-art digital Service Management Tools with remote connectivity enable regular Predictive, Proactive and Reactive maintenance activities to ensure your cities are running safely and efficiently.

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