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Yunex Traffic in Colombia

More than 40 years developing ITS infrastructure solutions in Colombia


New Traffic Light System for Bogotá (SSI)

  • Brand new central control solution (Scala) with adaptative algorithm
  • Actuated, responsive and Adaptative traffic solution
  • Traffic planning, simulation and maintenance software tools
  • More tan 1.000 OCIT controllers
  • Video Detection Cameras
  • Poles
  • LED modules
  • Traffic lights
  • Complements and Intersections


Highway solutions for the projetcs of Ruta al Mar,Alto Magdalena, Perimetral Oriental de Bogotá, Pacifico 3 and Costera

  • SCADA: Control and Acquisition Software
  • Software SICC self-developed and integration with SCADA
  • Communications System through Fiber Optic
  • CCTV
  • Magnetometer (Vehicle Counting Device)
  • Bluetooth WiFi Modem (Average speed calculation on the road)
  • Ups system
  • VMS system
  • Meteorological Station
  • Lighting System
  • SOS phones
  • Height Detector
  • ETD: Data collection station
  • Radio communications system
  • Photovoltaic System


Maintenance services and traffic planning engineering for Bogotá and several other cities in Colombia

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