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Yunex Traffic in the Czech Republic

Our cities are getting bigger and more complex. We want to make mobility safer, more efficient, and more sustainable with forward-looking infrastructure and transport solutions. Yunex Traffic develops innovative mobility ecosystems and services for the smart city. This combines freedom of movement with limited space; autonomy with safety; climate targets with value creation; quality of life with digital progress. In the Czech Republic there is located the global R&D department working in close contact with local sales department to be able to offer the state of the art solutions for Czech cities, both traffic solutions and public lighting.

Intelligent traffic management

Safeguarding mobility both now and in the future: our solutions for connected data and systems.

Make intersections smart

Digitalization and the Internet of Things reduce congestion and enhance safety in urban mobility.

Intelligent Street Lighting

Ensure optimal light at all times and in all weather conditions with intelligent street lighting – and reduce emissions and costs while increasing safety.

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