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Yunex Traffic in Hungary

Yunex Traffic Kft. (former Siemens Mobility Kft’s Intelligent Traffic Systems) has been developing and installing road traffic management systems in Hungary since 1991, operating and continuously upgrading the Urban Traffic Control Centre in Budapest, the road traffic management equipment, all the traffic light intersections and 80 variable message signs in the city.

We recently launched the first elements of cooperative systems (Car2x) in the hungarian capital. In addition to road traffic management, we also carry out installation, troubleshooting and maintenance work on pay and display machines throughout the country.

Traffic light intersections in Budapest

There are more than 1113 traffic light intersections in Budapest, most of them are controlled by M, C and sX series controllers.

First UTC of Budapest

The first UTC in Budapest was delivered and commissioned by us in 1984, has since been further developed by our company to the latest Scala UTC with Car2x functions.

Budapest with LED traffic lights

Budapest is the 9th most populous city in the EU, but one of the first major European cities to replace all incandescent traffic lights with LED technology in 2008. The works were carried out by the predecessor of Yunex Traffic Ltd, achieving energy savings of more than 80% in the city’s traffic management system.

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