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Yunex Traffic in Serbia

Yunex Traffic Serbia with its comprehensive ITS portfolio and innovative solutions for Urban and Interurban business is committed to be reliable partner to City authorities and Highway Public Enterprises in Serbia, North Macedonia and Bosnia. We optimize traffic and traffic flows with the goal to improve quality of life and make traffic flow safer, environment friendly, efficient, and more reliable. As solution partner, we support our customers in overcoming the challenges by getting cities and infrastructure intelligent and ready for the future.

Smoothing the traffic flow in Belgrade

Based on the City’s masterplan to strengthen Belgrade as a modern European city, Yunex Traffic Serbia is contracted to implement adaptive traffic control system for the city road network. Innovative technologies, including tram prioritization, are being implemented on over 300 intersections in Belgrade and with “Sitraffic Scala”, continuous system operation monitoring and management is enabled for mobility operators.

New way of traffic management ensured efficient use of the existing road and public transport capacities. Real-time traffic data improves parameters like shortened travel times, minimized number of stops, reduced exhaust emissions and urban noise pollution, as well as costs.

Competent regional center

with traffic and electrical engineers performing together with experts from Germany and Austria. We’re designing smart cities and digital highways in Serbia, North Macedonia and Bosnia. Beside mastering Smart City and Highway concept for traffic management systems, our team is supporting customers with other solutions:

  • Connecting cities with highways
  • Bike prioritization
  • E-bike sharing
  • Public transport popularization
  • Smart parking
  • Traffic light management
  • Far more

First digital highway in the region

Yunex Traffic Serbia is also recognized as reliable partner in our region, where 100 km of road network, 75 control points and 2 tunnels are monitored from the most advanced “Sitraffic Varia” traffic management system for tunnels and highways.

With “Sitraffic Varia”, operators from two operating centers in Republika Srpska (Mahovljani and Johovac), can actively control and monitor traffic. While passing over Corridor Vc, drivers can rely on flexible, modular and modern Traffic Management System that reduces congestion, accidents, travel time and emissions, provides real-time data and contributes to improved safety in tunnels and on freeways.

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