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Yunex Traffic in Singapore

Uniting what’s next in traffic in the APAC region

Our cities are getting bigger and more complex. We want to make mobility safer, more efficient, and more sustainable with forward-looking infrastructure and transport solutions for the APAC region.

Aligned to the customer’s value chain and requirements, Yunex Traffic can meet current and future mobility needs by providing various solutions such as traffic and tunnel management, traffic management platforms, simulation, digital ITS services driven by AI, SCATS, SCOOT and much more. Uniting what’s next in traffic with a strong focus on the APAC region!

Yunex Traffic to deliver intelligent traffic solution for Singapore’s North South Corridor (NSC)

Yunex Traffic has been awarded a contract by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to equip the city’s North-South Corridor (NSC) with an Integrated Traffic and Plant Management System.

The greenfield corridor of 21.5 km viaduct (thereof 12.5 km tunnel and 9 km highway) will connect Singapore from North to South and is expected to be completed by 2026.

Besides an expressway, Singapore’s first integrated transport corridor includes dedicated cycling trunk routes into the city as well as shaded walking paths and fast bus routes journeys / express bus services.

Yunex Traffic designs, implements, delivers, installs, commissions and maintains an Integrated Traffic and Plant Management System which complies with the highest safety and security standards.

Selected examples of references in the APAC region

Cambodia: First commercially installed sX controller in South-East Asia in one of the busiest cities in Cambodia – Sihanoukville. Furthermore, the second largest city in Cambodia, Siam Reap, was also equipped with sX controllers to improve traffic flow.

Malaysia: Our Business Partner, Pascal Engineering, located in the city of Penang, is an authorized Yunex Traffic Distributor for products, systems & services in the territory of Malaysia. Pascal delivers quality product and is focused on the provision of service excellence to Local Authorities, consultants, contractors and Facility Managers.

Vietnam: Successful implementation of Video-Analytics for Smart Traffic (VAST), adaptive traffic control for non-lane-based traffic patterns enabled via video-based vehicle detection & cloud-based traffic computer. The deployment of the solution at one intersection in Hanoi, Vietnam, resulted in an average traffic throughput increase of about 15%. Traffic density towards the city center, particularly during peak hours, could be significantly eased.

Singapore: Upgrading three existing tunnels (Fort Canning (350m), Sentosa Gateway (1.4km) & Woodsville Tunnel (690m)) with an Integrated Traffic and Plant Management System (ITPMS). The innovative and intelligent road solutions comply with high safety and security standards (SIL 2).

Taiwan: In cooperation with a local partner, Taipei City and New Taipei City were supplied with ST950 controllers and roadside units to improve urban traffic.

Singapore: The world’s smartest nation by 2030?

Fred Kalt, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the Asia Pacific region, speaks about the ambitious urbanization project ‘Smart Nation Singapore’, the first fully integrated Digitalization Hub in this multi-cultural island nation – and the question whether South-East Asia could become the birthplace of the future of mobility. Click here for the complete interview:

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