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Yunex Traffic at ITS World Congress 2021

Press release

Yunex Traffic to introduce next generation traffic management platform and advanced digital solutions at 2021 ITS World Congress

  • ITS World Congress will be the first major event for Yunex Traffic as a new company
  • They will feature technologies, platforms, and systems that improve the quality of life in cities
  • Including tunnel and highway management, digital tolling, clean air zones, as well as right-of-way solutions for fleets and bicycles

The 2021 ITS World Congress taking place in Hamburg will be the first major event for Yunex Traffic as a new company. They will feature technologies, platforms, and systems that improve the quality of life in cities through increased mobility, enhanced safety, and reduced emissions. As a highlight, Yunex Traffic will introduce its next generation traffic management platform, a brand-new system that will lead the way into a new era of traffic management. In addition, Yunex Traffic will showcase digital solutions for tunnel and highway management, adaptive traffic control, connected mobility, clean air zones, as well as right-of-way solutions for fleets and bicycles.

“As cities become more crowded and traffic volumes and pollution continue to increase, actions must be taken now to respond to the challenges brought on by megatrends like urbanization, sustainability, and the need to reduce emissions. This includes people actively seeking additional and varied modes of mobility, which are now starting to interact with traffic and further crowding the already limited amount of space in cities. Therefore, to mitigate the increasing potential of accidents and increased emissions, a new level of road safety management is necessary to account for the changing transportation landscape.

At Yunex Traffic, we are more than ready to support this initiative and lead the way in transforming mobility by offering the latest digital technologies and most innovative ideas. This includes providing the next level intelligent traffic management systems to help cities and municipalities meet the demands for increased mobility in a safe and sustainable way” said Yunex Traffic CEO Markus Schlitt.

At the ITS World Congress, Yunex Traffic will present a series of solutions that aim to make cities more livable and make traffic safer and more environmentally friendly. This includes:

Versatoll – Digital Road User Charging/Smartphone-Based Tolling

The digital tolling application utilizes the GNSS-based tolling solutions to reliably identify chargeable trips and accurately calculate the toll charges based on the actual distance travelled. This is one example of an efficient mobility strategy to better manage traffic resulting in less congestion with better flow. Yunex Traffic will set up a virtual tolling on the exhibition area in Hamburg so visitors can experience the service app.

Tunnel projects go digital: The Digital Twin

Yunex Traffic uses state-of-the-art methods in tunnel projects. With the help of a Building Information Management (BIM) model, a virtual tunnel including all components is first created together with the project partners involved. The model can then be developed into a digital twin of the tunnel and used throughout the entire life cycle of the tunnel. Yunex Traffic will conduct a virtual reality presentation of the to-be built Altona Tunnel, including simulated traffic scenarios for Elbtunnel traffic jam

Varia – Modular Tunnel and Highway Management System

A system that enables the comprehensive management of tunnels and highways. It monitors and controls lighting, ventilation, power supply, fire detection and pumps in the tunnel. Furthermore, it controls variable direction signs and traffic signs as well as permanent light signs and barriers and delivers data to the traffic information services.

Adaptive Traffic Control

FUSION is the next level of adaptive traffic control from Yunex Traffic that allows towns and cities to intelligently manage their traffic and pedestrian signals as well as complex road networks in real time to ensure traffic flows smoothly. Whether travelling by public transport, car, foot or bicycle, adaptive traffic control optimizes the road network and transport infrastructure, improving road user safety, travel times and reliability, whilst reducing vehicle emissions. This can also include establishing right-of-way solutions to accelerate the movement of fleets and bicycles.

Advanced Perception

Yunex Traffic develops an “Advanced Perception Platform” with a real-time digital twin that provides multiple safety and intelligent traffic innovations. This includes various advanced perception use cases which increase safety, comfort, and efficiency applications, such as blind-spot warning, intelligent pedestrian crossing, and advanced traffic actuation.

In addition, Yunex Traffic will showcase its connected mobility applications that facilitate the exchange of information with infrastructure, making mobility in public spaces safer, faster, and more comfortable for everyone: cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, and pedestrians.

“As a new company, Yunex Traffic is now better positioned to strategically seek new opportunities by leveraging our market-leading position in offering innovative, smart, and comprehensive mobility solutions for roads and cities. We’re uniting what’s next in traffic – come join us at the ITS World Congress 2021. We’re looking forward to sharing ideas and talking about future projects.” said Markus Schlitt.

The ITS World Congress is the biggest event focused on smart mobility and the digitalization of transport. It offers stakeholders and patrons the ultimate platform to meet with industry influencers, discuss ideas and initiatives, make new contacts, and promote their businesses by taking part in a range of activities. This year’s Congress will be held at The Hamburg Messe and the Yunex Traffic booth can be found at B5 201.

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