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Yunex Traffic is committed to gender equality in mobility and aims for a 25% women’s quota in management

Press release

Gender equality at Yunex Traffic

  • According to the network “Women in Mobility”, only 22% of all people working in mobility are female.
  • Yunex Traffic aims to set an example to improve gender equality in mobility by lifting the company’s women’s quota in management to 25% by the end of fiscal year 2025.
  • In line with International Women’s Day, Yunex Traffic set up a digital diversity training week to create awareness and provide support to break unconscious bias.

Munich, 08.03.2022. Only 22% of people working in mobility are women. Yunex Traffic aims to change this in the coming years and is committed to achieving a 25% women’s quota in management positions by the end of fiscal year 2025. To raise awareness and promote change, the company launched a training program during the week of International Women’s Day 2022, equipping employees with a toolkit to reflect on and address unconscious bias.

Diverse teams are innovative teams. This is not only proven by various studies, but also by the conviction of Yunex Traffic. That’s why the market leader for intelligent traffic systems wants to set a good example in mobility and advocate for gender equality in an industry that is still dominated by men. According to the Women in Mobility network, the women’s quota in mobility is only 22%.

“If we are to achieve the much-needed mobility revolution, innovation is essential. And there is no innovation without diversity. That’s why we at Yunex Traffic are committed to diversity and gender equality and strive to create a welcoming work environment for all genders,” says Yunex Traffic CEO Markus Schlitt.

Until 2025, Yunex Traffic strives for a women’s quota of 25% in management

To set a good example in the industry, Schlitt explains that Yunex Traffic will increase the quota of women in management positions from 15% to 25% by the end of fiscal year 2025. Flexible and family-friendly work models as well as internal diversity training are the first steps the company will take to get there.

During the week of International Women’s Day, Yunex Traffic is inviting employees to participate in digital diversity training sessions. The short e-learning sessions are designed to help employees raise awareness of unconscious biases and reflect on behavior patterns together.

Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Anja Hack calls for more diversity in the industry

Even though the company addresses up the topic on International Women’s Day, Yunex Traffic’s commitment to diversity and gender equality goes far beyond that. With Anja Hack in her role as Chief Diversity Officer, representation of the issue at the executive level has been guaranteed since the company’s first day on July 1, 2021.

“Women make up 50% of the talent market, bringing great potential and knowledge in every field. Therefore, to run a successful company, there is no other way than to create a welcoming work environment for all genders. This is what we as a team and I personally strive for at Yunex Traffic,” says CDO Anja Hack.

In addition to its own commitment, Yunex Traffic is also calling on other companies in the industry to commit to greater diversity and equality. There is still a long way to go before mobility is an industry that offers equal opportunities to everyone. And the industry can only take this path together.

Yunex Trafficis a separately managed company of Siemens Mobility. It isa global leader in the field of intelligent traffic systems,offering the widest end-to-end portfolio of solutionsforadaptive traffic control and management, highway and tunnel automation, as well as smart solutions for V2X and road user charging tolling.Yunex Traffic has 3100 employees from 58 nations and is active in over 40 countries worldwide. Its intelligent mobility solutions are currently being used in major cities across the world, including Dubai, London, Berlin, Bogota, and Miami. Yunex Traffic has successfullyconcentrated its efforts on mastering technologies in the three segments of hardware, software, and service, and is subsequently the only supplier who is capable of meeting all major regional standards in Europe, UK, Asia and America.Further information is available