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Yutraffic awareAI

Transforming roads with AI-enhanced digital twins

Precise data analysis at urban intersections was not possible for a long time. The reason: sensor-based detection via push buttons for pedestrians or induction loops for motorized road users only provides limited insight into the current traffic situation.

With Yunex Traffic, this scenario is a thing of the past! Unlock the power of your smart intersection with the Yutraffic awareAI solution, the cornerstone of cutting-edge technology. This revolutionary system creates a real-time digital replica of your road network, fueling AI-enhanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications, ensuring your traffic management is at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Discover three pivotal objectives

Elevate your intersection to the next level

The solution is based on a local roadside AI system that operates a highly advanced deep learning video analytics software that can detect, classify and continuously track new road users, such as e-scooters, with multiple cameras. Only a single detection system is required to enable all applications to run at the same time. Applications can be modified at any time, or new ones can be seamlessly introduced in the future through remote connection.

Traffic Flow

Traffic Flow Insights for real-time motion analysis of all road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles in the entire intersection area.

Road Safety

Especially for vulnerable road users (VRU) like pedestrians and cyclists, awareAI adjusts green times individually and warns motorized vehicles via a digital turning assistant.

Autonomous Driving

awareAI enhances autonomous driving by providing an extended environmental cognition from the road-side perspective.This allows cars to see the entire intersection.

Download our awareAI brochure

Download our brochure

Promoting Digitalization

AI technology for new ways to perceive traffic

  • Greater Performance and Flexibility at Equal or Lower Investment: Streamline all Operations with a Single Detection System, designed for multiple Applications. Our adaptable solution evolves with your needs, eliminating the need for multiple detectors and simplifying your setup.
  • Seamless Integration: We understand the importance of compatibility. That’s why our system seamlessly integrates with all traffic control units and the Yunex Traffic RSU2X for efficient data exchange, ensuring a harmonious addition to your existing infrastructure.
  • Stay Ahead with Ongoing Transformation and Innovation: Our commitment to staying at the forefront of AI hardware ensures your investment remains relevant. We continuously release new applications and improve existing ones to keep your system up to date.

Ensure Confidence with Premier GDPR Compliance

Your data’s safety is our top priority

Gain effortless and secure remote access to live views and the local data platform right through a standard web browser, without the hassle of complex VPN clients.

Rest easy, as we’ve implemented rigorous technical and organizational measures to guarantee GDPR compliance, in line with the stringent standards of the EU. This ensures a seamless rollout of a camera-based system in your city while maintaining data protection at the highest level.

Keep your system at the cutting edge with continuous updates and upgrade options, including top-tier security management. This way, you can stay ahead of the curve, benefit from the latest improvements, and adapt applications and system components to meet new requirements while ensuring the utmost security.

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Transform your roads with AI-enhanced Digital Twins

Make your intersections smarter and safer for all road users: Our experts are happy to work with you to realize your way within the effortless digital transformation of your city.

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