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Yutraffic Hong Kong appointed two female leaders as MD & MDF

Yutraffic Hong Kong appointed Karen Cheung and Xiao Ya Wu as Managing Director (MD) and Managing Director Finance (MDF). With many years of experience in the industry, both are best equipped to lead Yutraffic Hong Kong, a regional office of the global brand Yunex Traffic, on their path to becoming the national leader in the field of intelligent transport systems. As female leaders in tech, they are committed to supporting female talent in the industry.

Karen Cheung – Managing Director Hong Kong

Karen Cheung has been working in the field of transport planning for more than 20 years and in addition to her recent appointment with Yutraffic Hong Kong, Karen is also holding a dual-position as Managing Director at Yunex Traffic subsidiary Aimsun in Singapore. She has a background in engineering and brings in-depth knowledge of transportation planning, traffic modeling, and traffic engineering. She is passionate about smart city initiatives, which she has successfully developed and implemented several projects and innovations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Karen Cheung: “It is my goal to grow Yutraffic as key player in the field of digital mobility. And thanks to our amazing team and our unique offering, I have no doubt that we’ll get there soon. We have a really dynamic business offering in Hong Kong and we are one of the few players in the market doing traffic-related business in a variety of areas including urban traffic control, tunnel management systems, road services and leverage artificial intelligence in data analysis. I look forward to fully realizing this potential and making Hong Kong’s transport systems smarter, more sustainable and safer with our intelligent solutions.”

Xiao Ya Wu – Managing Director Finance Hong Kong

Having worked at Siemens for almost 20 years, Xiao Ya Wu has held a wide variety of positions at different locations – from Shanghai to Germany and Beijing. She has worked in the areas of commercial, project management and even contract management. As Managing Director Finance at Yutraffic, she will focus on establishing internal processes and system landscape as well as building strategic collaborations with local partners to ensure business growth and deliver large projects.

Xiao Ya Wu: “We have limited space in Hong Kong and thus need to use the capacity of our infrastructure intelligently and orchestrate traffic smartly. Our digital products can make this possible. I look forward to bringing those to our cities making them more liveable, safer and greener.”

Fred Kalt, Managing Director Yunex Traffic in the Asia-Pacific-Region: “With Karen and Xiao Ya we welcome two experienced executives who have experienced the industry from many different perspectives over the last few years. They know what the transportation of the future needs to look like to meet the needs of all road users and what cities need to realize this vision. They are thus exactly the right people to guide Yutraffic Hong Kong to become the leading company in the field of intelligent transport systems. I am very pleased to have them join our management team and look forward to reinventing mobility in the APAC region together.”

Together for more women in technical professions

As an equal opportunity employer, Yutraffic – as does the global Brand Yunex Traffic –  strives to achieve gender balance and provide equal opportunities for all – regardless of gender, age, background, religion, etc. Karen Cheung and Xiao Yu Wu join the pursuit of gender balance in the industry and in the company, and also want to inspire other women to consider a career in technology and not be held back by gender stereotypes: “I truly believe that for a successful business to thrive, there should be a gender balance and thus encourage women to follow their ambitions. Whatever a man can do, a woman can do”, says Xiao Ya Wu. “Women can be career women and women in tech. My advice? Just do it – go for it. Do what you like to do, gender does not matter and should not be a factor in preventing you from achieving your dream career”, adds Karen Cheung.